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Why Am I Experiencing Neck Pain?

The back and neck of humans are composed of 33 small bones called vertebrae. These bones stack one upon the other to create the spinal column.The spinal column contains and protects the spinal cord while offering support to the head and neck. Then it’s all encased in layers and layers of living connective tissue calledContinue Reading »

Level Up Your Myofascial Self Treatment

If you play video games, you likely know the significance and sense of accomplishment when you “level up.” Leveling up doesn’t just happen in video games, though. It happens here frequently as clients work with the Release Works Myofascial Therapy team and begin to develop an effective myofascial self treatment practice. Let me tell youContinue Reading »

What Is Frozen Shoulder And What Causes It?

What Is Frozen Shoulder And What Causes It?

Does your shoulder feel stiff and painful or like it’s “frozen” solid? Has it become a source of trauma and anxiety because everything you try makes it worse?We understand. We treat patients like you all the time. Patients who have been failed by the reductionist techniques practiced by traditional physical therapists, who treat the shoulderContinue Reading »

How Breast Augmentation Scars Can Cause Pain and Problems, Both Now And Later

How Breast Augmentation Scars Can Cause Pain and Problems, Both Now And Later

Have you had or are planning breast augmentation surgery? Without a doubt, there are many aesthetic and positive psychological benefits associated with breast augmentation. They can work wonders to boost self-esteem. Some women even regard their new and improved breasts as “life-changing.” Indeed, in the case of breast augmentation after breast cancer treatment, they’re “lifesavingContinue Reading »

Want To Feel Better? Get Better At Feeling

What Are You Feeling? Sometimes in life, you hurt. It’s unavoidable, try as you might. But have you found that sometimes, some things keep hurting? Sometimes they get worse as you go. Is it old age? Or genetics? Is it somehow just your lot in life? Why does your back hurt so often? Why doesContinue Reading »

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