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What kind of pain? The kind nothing else has helped.

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*Note: There is no treatment given at one of our discovery visits. It's for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

About Release Works Myofascial Therapy Clinic 

Release Works
Release Works
Release Works
Release Works

Do you feel trapped in pain? Are you feeling frustrated and let down by the options traditional healthcare offers? Are you looking for something better?

Welcome to a clinic perfect for people who want to transform their health and regain control of their life. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed! For far too long, "sick care" and "pain management" have been accepted as the norm. Many people accept far less than what their body is truly meant to experience. We are here to change that. Our vision is to be the place in the Greater Salt Lake Valley that changes people's approach to health, helping people reclaim the potential of the the human body through movement and repair, creating a world where people live with less pain, less fear, and more joy..

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About Michael Sudbury, LMT

Specialist Myofascial Release Therapist

Founder and Owner...

Michael has been in pursuit of uncommon wisdom practically since the day he was born. This has led him through many twists and turns, questioning philosophies and excelling in school only to drop out near the end, abandoning career paths. He has a scientific mind but has come to understand that life and love require artistry, not facts, figures, and protocols.

Look What Others Just Like You Are Saying About Release Works

Jeff's Story

After being involved in a bad fall at work from sixteen feet and having five spinal surgeries and a knee replacement, I was still in a lot of pain. I came up with the idea it must be from all the scar tissue from having back opened so many times. I keep saying I felt like I was being squeezed with a giant pair of pliers around my back and ribs. I convinced my pain management Doctor to refer treatment to Release Works and now after my seventh visit things are really starting to change. I'm sleeping more and longer through the night, pain is reducing and now I'm standing taller and not leaning into my pain. This has made a huge difference for me and without the use of opiates that the Doctor had me on for twenty years.

Frida's Story

Absolutely loved my sessions with Michael and Vanetta! I was so happy to find their clinic in Salt Lake. Pursuing a career in dance, I was terrified of potential injuries or imbalances and tightness in my body that could hinder my performance or longevity, and I am so thankful for the knowledge and work they did with me to help me not only heal, but continuously discover even more mobility and less pain in my dancing, which also means a longer lasting career! 

Susan's Story

Recently I had surgery to repair a broken collarbone. Because we had  future travel plans, the surgeon made it clear that he would not 'release me as a patient' until at least three months after the surgery. I started treatment with both Michael and Vanetta prior to the surgery and continued again a couple of weeks after. At the two month check up, the surgeon  stated that my progress was so good that he had not realized it had only been two months. 'I fooled the doctor!' The use of myofascial release techniques and the skill of these two practitioners helped me to heal and gain mobility much faster than expected.

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Free and Friendly

Perfect for those who need an introduction to our approach and what it can do for you.

Re³ Recovery Program

7-10 Week Program

Perfect for those ready to get started. You've worked too long and too hard to spend another minute of life feeling crappy!


Finding Me in the Midst of Chronic Pain

Perfect for those who want to start with some reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it exactly that you do?

Many people describe what we do as the place where physical therapy, massage therapy, energy work, and personal training meet. In short, we integrate therapies that address problems in the connective tissue (myofascial) system of the body with our Re³ Recovery Program. Myofascial release and movement rehabilitation and correction are large parts of that.

Our goal is to help you regain a body that works well and feels good so you can enjoy a full and active life. That means we have to do more than focus on pain relief and address the root cause of the problem. True resolution of the problem requires consistent focus and work over a period of time.

What is a Re³ Recovery Program?

Full recovery requires more than most of us know or want to admit, and the pieces need to be put together in the order that is right for you. During a Re³ Recovery Program we will help you.

  • Re-set the autonomic nervous system and tension levels in the body.
  • Restore the fluidity and plasticity of the connective tissue system, creating space for the body to move and function better, and...
  • Re-train movement and strength in more proper alignment, developing greater stability and integrating change as a whole.

Each Re³ Recovery Program provides 20 sessions over a 7-10 week period and requires a commitment to healing. Each program is designed around specific goals that are realistic to your situation. You may need more than one time through an Re³ Recovery program to achieve all of your goals.

I've tried lots of things that promised to help, but none of them did. How is this different?

That is a great question. I'd like you to take a minute and consider all of the other things you have tried. What type of solutions have they been? Most of the time when people come to us and say they have tried everything and nothing has worked, they tell us about procedures and protocols that have been "done" to them, or things that come from the outside and work inward. Medications, injections, and supplements that are put into you to "fix" something. Exercises that are prescribed for your "diagnostic label" or protocols indicated by your lab results. Those are certainly valid methods and work for some people. Frequently what happens, though, is the answers and the procedures come from and are solely determined by the expert, based on standard methods, normalized across a population. Your progress is dependent on someone else's wisdom. They are your healer and the hero of the story.

Quite simply, we are different because we believe our role is to be the guide, helping put the pieces together in the way you need, in an order that will be unique to you. We also specifically address problems within the connective tissue system of the body, which is one of the major components missed by traditional healthcare. And we help you tune back into the intuitive, instinctive healing nature that you've lost touch with. In short, you are the healer and hero in your story. We help you do that. And as you do, you will never approach your health the same way again.

This sounds like just what I need. How do I work with you?

We are glad to hear that. Thank you for taking the time to get to know about us and our approach! Take all the time you need here. Check out the stories and information here. We also offer a FaceBook page and YouTube channel with more information and videos.

For direct work with us, online Body Works Right classes are a good way to get a feel for how we approach and work with the body, all from the privacy of your own home. Keep in mind these classes are general in nature and are not personalized to you.

When you are ready for specialized help specific to your needs, the next step will be to inquire about suitability for a Re³ Recovery Program. We start with a consultation, either on the phone, or an in person Discovery Visit to determine whether this is the best next step for you.  If it is, we then schedule an evaluation and treatment session. This will identify the problems contributing to your particular issues, give you answers on how best to move forward, and get you a sense of things you can do immediately to start helping things change.

From there, we can make a recommendation and help you choose the Program that is right for you, either a Re³ Recovery Program or Recovery Lite Program. You never take the next step until you feel good about it.

All that's left then is to work through your Program and integrate change. It is important to set goals that will allow you to measure and see progress. You may need more than one time through a Recovery Program to reach all of your goals. We won't oversell you. But if you are being unrealistic in your expectations, we will tell you. The longer things have been troubled, the longer the recovery.

Will it hurt?

People who see us are dealing with stuck, glued connective tissue, joints that are over-stressed and wearing out, and bony structures that are misaligned and compensating. As we address troubled areas and get things moving, people often describe what they feel as a "hurts so good" type of pain. There is a difference between injurious pain and therapeutic pain. There can be a level of therapeutic pain.

We will never force, we will never injure. If it is painful or uncomfortable, we want you to tell us. Understanding how your body perceives and responds to pain is an essential part of healing. We will help you navigate this process, including when you might feel worse.

Will this work for me?

Everyone needs to know if this will work for them.

When life is slowed down or stopped by pain, it is  frustrating (to say the least) to spend time, money, and energy looking for and trying things that promise to help - only to be let down. If only there were something that actually worked. If only there was someone who really listened, and understood, and knew how to help.

We can promise, if you allow things to change, you will see change. As you work the program, learn to reconnect with your own intuitive healing nature, give yourself the time needed in each stage, never forcing or rushing through, and commit to regaining control of your life, you will see change. We will help you find the things getting in your way, identify what works for you, and support you in the ways you need most.

You will experience more improvement than just 'the thing'.

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5 Things People Not Stuck in Pain Get Right!

FREE Downloadable Guide

Are you tired of feeling like you can't do what you want to because of pain? Do you keep hoping there is something that will help? You're not alone. That's why I've created this free guide where I share with you 5 key things that make the difference between people readily helped out of pain, and those who otherwise are nearly impossible to help.

Myofascial Release

Who is Myofascial Release For

FREE Downloadable Guide

This guide is written to give you an overview of the likely reason traditional approaches to healing haven't been successful (enough) for you. I'll also talk about one of the cornerstones of our Recovery Programs (myofascial release) and how that works to get you going on a real, long-term answer to resolving your trouble so you can get back to life on your terms.

FAQs Report

1st Aid for Back Pain

FREE Downloadable Guide

When it comes to back pain, or any other pain for that matter, the order in which you do things, matters.

This guide is written to address the immediate crisis caused by a back flaring up. It is 1st aid. Take care of the immediate crisis, and then you can move on to deeper healing and recovery.

First Aid For Back Pain

Still Wondering if This is For You?

Here's a quick self assessment to help you determine your readiness to work with us.

If You:

  • Are looking for a quick fix, magic pill, or overnight solution.
  • Are uninterested in learning or taking an active role in your recovery.
  • Would rather take pills or even have surgery rather than take the time and do the work to address root causes.

Then we will NOT be a good fit for you!

If You:

  • Are willing to take an active role in your recovery and be consistent and stick with it when things get difficult.
  • Can consider that true resolution goes beyond the spot that hurts, and that the temporary absence of pain does not mean you are done.
  • Want better care and maintenance than drugs and surgery for the one body you have in this life.

Then, just like the people above, you can expect a truly transformative outcome


100% Right Decision Guarantee

We are so confident in what we do and how we help people that you are protected by our 100% right decision guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with the level of service you are provided, all you have do is tell us at the time of your session and your session is on us.  It's that simple!  If we don't deliver on what we promise, then we should not be compensated for our time.  Does that sound fair to you?


Michael Sudbury

Founder of Release Works Myofascial Therapy Clinic

Hi, This is normally where motivational and inspirational words would go. If you've made it here and haven't gotten started, I don't have any words to convince you. But I do have a question. How long are you going to let something get in the way of feeling great?

See you soon! 

Michael Sudbury


Myofascial Release - The Basics Of What We Do And Why Your Body Needs It