We Are Hiring: Massage Therapists

We Are Hiring!

Position: Massage Therapists

We are a fun, passionate, and growing health and wellness practice looking for the perfect Therapist to join our team!

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Do You Love Helping People Heal? Want to Take it to the Next Level?

Would you like to be on the cutting edge of a modality that is changing bodywork?

Even better, with a team of like-minded and awesome people?

Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist who really enjoys helping people and seeing them feel and do better?

Let me tell the story and see if I can get the gist of it...

You’re passionate and you care. You get excited about new techniques, how they feel, and what they can do for people. You’ve gotten pretty good (maybe even really good) at Swedish, deep tissue, Reiki, or craniosacral techniques, but you’re finding limited results. People tell you you’re amazing, and it’s the best they’ve ever felt, but you know they could do even better.

After a while, you find yourself doing the “same thing” and addressing the same issue again and again, and it just doesn’t ever change that much.

You’ve been to quite a few continuing ed courses, learned new techniques, and applied them happily… but something is still missing.

Sooner or later, frustration sets in as you beat up your body to (sort of) help theirs and you get concerned that maybe your wrists, or your elbows, or your shoulders, or your neck, or your back, or maybe your patience, are going to force you to quit.

And, you know, it gets kind of tiring always dealing with the ups and downs of your uncertain income, and wondering if you are going to be booked this shift or that day.

Striking out on your own might be tempting, and you’d get to set your own hours, rate, and choose who you see, but you’d also have to deal with marketing, networking, bookkeeping, sales calls, licensing, inspections, rent and other overhead, hiring, firing, and all the other needs that come with being a business owner. Oh yeah, and people who complain about the rates and hours you set and want you to make exceptions. Unless it’s just you on your own? Then it all falls on you… And it gets kind of lonely on your own.

That’s why you try the partnerships and wellness conglomerates! And all the inherent messes and headaches they come with! Even then, it’s still mostly just you taking care of things. And you start to wonder if it's all worth it...

... Am I getting any of this right? ... Maybe?   😉

Are You Ready for a Better Work Experience?

  • Do you want to go beyond “spa” or “chiropractic” massage, and find better results for people?
  • Do you want income stability, doing something you love, that people need and want?
  • Would you like to be part of a fantastic team, where we help each other get stronger, feel better, and help more people, I mean truly help them - not just rub their pains away temporarily?

That’s what we offer here. If you’re interested, read on!

We are looking for the right people to join our team. If this sounds like you, you may be the person we’re looking for.

I’m Michael of Release Works, a specialist John Barnes Myofascial Release treatment clinic. We help the people who have been failed by drugs, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and everything else. Our typical client/patient recovers even when they were told they couldn’t be helped by others, or they recover better. We love turning people’s lives around. And we need therapists to join our team.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is a team player who values personal growth and development.
  • Can communicate the value of our service so the potential client is happy and confident about proceeding.
  • Is able to engage in empathetic and direct conversation with clients while speaking to their objections and concerns.
  • Views the opportunity to learn as a privilege and not something that they have to be paid for in order for it to be worthwhile.
  • Can accurately use established clinic talking points specific to individuals in a way that resonates with their situation.
  • Recognizes when clients are unsure, hesitant, scared, or frustrated and connects and communicates with them in a way that they are happy they found us and want to work with us.
  • Can communicate well - by phone, email, written notes, and in person - and is happy to pick up the phone and talk to past or prospective clients
  • Can learn and follow operations processes, and improve them without personal ego
  • Recognizes that communication must be done well so that clients understand the value of the service we provide and are happy with the fee we charge
  • Genuinely enjoys going above and beyond the clinical treatment to engage on a personal level with clients and potential clients - so they look for any excuse to come back and see us
  • Provides a level of service and care so that patients are happy to stay on schedule and complete their plan of care, ensuring they reach the outcome they desire.
  • Is willing and able to spot when a patient may be disillusioned or confused with their progress (and likely to drop off) and is able to speak effectively with them to resolve any issues in the way
  • Has already attended (or wants to attend soon) a John F Barnes Myofascial Release seminar, and is very interested in learning and using this approach/modality. - This is a must, we treat specifically with JFB MFR.

We Offer:

  • Being part of a dedicated, caring team with people who enjoy themselves (meaning, we know better than to take ourselves too seriously…)
  • Satisfying work that doesn’t beat your body up
  • Treatment for yourself for both learning and recovering.
  • Therapist training, providing practice and feedback to improve each other’s skills
  • Profound experiences often. Seriously, people thank us as they get their lives back
  • Getting stronger, not weaker, from your work
  • A place where you matter. This isn't the spa job where everyone is a lone wolf, the break room is full of drama, and it seems you're repeating the same protocol with just about every body. We're also not the chiropractor's office where you're the ancillary, overlooked massage therapist who's mentioned as an afterthought
  • Good pay that allows for both learning and growth as you become a world class therapist

Think You're a Good Fit?

If this sounds like you and my clinic sounds like someplace you’d love to work, then we should talk.

Next step? Click below and let us know you’re interested.