We Are Hiring: Client-Care and Office Assistant

We Are Hiring!

Position: Client-Care and Office Assistant

We are a fun, passionate, and growing health and wellness practice looking for the perfect Client-Care and Office Assistant to join our team!

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About Our Practice:

Release Works Myofascial Therapy is a non-traditional manual therapy and myofascial release practice focused on helping people make the best decisions for their health while creating a positive experience in the process. We help people take care of and repair their bodies so they can resolve chronic pains, recover and keep active, avoid early breakdown, and add years of enjoyable capability to their lives - without the use of pain pills, procedures, or frequent medical appointments.

We opened our doors (a small treatment room) in 2008 with one client and absolutely no marketing or sales experience, just a passion for something that was going to make a difference. In January 2018 (after a much needed learning process), we expanded to our present space where we now offer specialist myofascial release therapy care, group self care instruction, and soon to be fundamental movement and fitness classes. We are ready to grow some more and want to create more offerings for our awesome community. We are looking for the perfect next team member to help us do that!

That's Where You Come In...

This position is one of the most important in our practice. Unlike most medical and wellness offices, we take a lot of time to nurture and educate prospective patients/customers who inquire about our services. Many of our patients have been let down by previous providers and are quite skeptical when first reaching out to us. You are the first and most frequent point of contact for everyone that becomes a part of our community. Your job will be to make these folks feel comfortable and excited that they reached out, to ask the right questions so that they feel listened to, to help lead them down a path towards the best decision for their health, and to go above and beyond to make them feel extremely cared for and valued. Your job will be to assist with all aspects of client-care and office management which includes keeping our office looking inviting and tidy, maintaining systems that allow us to communicate effectively and efficiently with clients and other team members, following up with leads and clients that inquire by phone, email or social media, and representing our brand by assisting with marketing and outreach events, community events, social media management and email marketing.

Now that you know a little bit more about the position, read on to find out exactly what we are looking for, how to be successful in this position, and how to apply if you think you'd be a good fit for our team!

What We're Looking For:

  • Someone who can easily strike up a conversation with anyone and enjoys talking to people
  • Someone who sees the glass half full
  • Someone who embraces and drives change and can keep up with the flow
  • Someone who pursues growth and learning opportunities
  • Someone who understands and delivers WOW customer service
  • Someone who is computer and tech savvy
  • Someone who can navigate online platforms such as Google Drive and task management sites
  • Someone who gets excited about leading people toward good decisions
  • Someone who is a dog-lover (no, we don’t have an office dog but come on!)
  • Someone who communicates extremely well both verbally and via email
  • Someone who is dependable, on time, and does not require micro-managing
  • Someone who is a self-starter, can think on their feet, and quickly prioritize/shift tasks as needed
  • Someone who will act as an ambassador for our brand and company
  • Someone who can naturally and easily make people feel at ease
  • Someone who is a self-starter and can complete tasks with little to no direction
  • Someone who has an aptitude for sales
  • Someone who can see the big picture as well as attention to detail

To Be Successful In This Position You Must:

  • Be a team player
  • Deliver WOW Customer Service
  • Anticipate Unstated Needs
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Not Sweat the Small Stuff
  • Embrace our practice's mission: To help people experience a better level of health and healing and reclaim the potential of the human body
  • Adhere to our Core Values in every interaction you have with both clients and other team members. Our Core Values are:
    • Be curious.
    • Question. Be questioned. Examine. Until you get clarity. Look to understand the deeper issue.
    • Adversity is your teacher. Allow yourself to be challenged.
    • Fun is essential! Life is way too important to take it or yourself so seriously.
    • People need to be seen and connected with more than anything else. Be the calm, unafraid presence they feel safe to connect with.
    • Connect with your purpose. Live with passion.
    • Get out of your own way. When you feel stuck, refer to Values 1 and 2! And then 9!
    • Have the personal integrity to dare to go against convention, even when it costs you.
    • Move. Don’t overthink it. Action, not perfection, is required.
    • Be so great you cannot be ignored.
    • Stop when you are done.
  • Be available to work 40 hours per week Mon-Fri (hours vary based on current need)
  • Be flexible and willing to make schedule changes when needed (when another team member is off, around Holiday weeks, etc.)
  • Understand that this is a people-first atmosphere and that our client's experience always comes first

What We've Got For You:

  • The chance to work with a team of fun, hard-working and passionate people
  • An environment where you are encouraged to be yourself and infuse your personality into your work
  • The opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives and health through communication and education
  • A chance to work and help the best clients in the valley (seriously, we love our clients)
  • A full-time position with room for growth in a vibrant, non-traditional manual therapy practice beneath the beautiful Wasatch Front mountains.
  • Starting pay of $14-17/ hour with room to advance for the right person

Think You're a Good Fit?

If so, click below to apply for this position and take the next step in our pre-interview process. We look forward to getting to know you!