Release Works Myofascial Therapy for People Stuck in Pain

Release Works Academy

Learning for Life 

We Each Get One Body in This Life!

How things go is primarily determined by the care we take of that one body.

At the Release Works Academy, we are dedicated to providing the education and experience YOU need to take charge of your health, well-being, and the direction your life goes.


Have you wondered what it would be like to be able to work and move and play in the way you know deep down you are meant to? Or used to be able to?

You CAN reclaim a body that works well and feels good 

so you can enjoy a full and active life

Online Courses

Courses You Need

Designed with you in mind!

Whether you start at the beginning with the basics, or jump straight to a course for a specific injury or need - there is something here for everyone.

Experiences That Make A Difference

For those who want to take their learning to a deeper level.

Become A Therapeutic Artist

For everyone who works in the healing realm.

Deepen your understanding of the human experience, build your knowledge base, and expand your capacity to connect, communicate, and treat with compassion and skill.


Hi, I’m Michael!

I’ve got some high standards for how I believe my body should work and how I want my life to go.

How good do I believe it can be?

I want to bend, twist, lift, carry, run, jump, and sleep with no pain, no worries, and I want to keep doing it until I’m at least 99. Am I asking too much? I don’t think so. Not with the right kind of care and attention.

Most of us are engaged in an effort to feel better. Whether it’s through a better job, knowing how to keep better boundaries, being a better parent with more patience and wisdom, or just plain trying to not hurt in our bodies all the time -

We’re all engaged in some attempt at feeling better.

I'm here to share the experience I and my team have gained through years of helping people recover health and wellness in the totality of their being. The knowledge, skills, and experience found here will help you dramatically shift and improve the course of your life.


Michael Sudbury