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"We Help People Slowed Down or Stopped By Shoulder Pain Reclaim a Body That Feels Good and Moves Well... So They Can Live a Life of Joy"

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Back and knee pain are the leading motivators for people to “finally do something” because problems there threaten your ability to get around and keep independent. Shoulders though? They tend to get overlooked, and they really shouldn’t be.

In today’s society, it’s easy to get by with quite a lot of loss of shoulder movement. I mean, putting on coats and reaching high shelves aside, who needs to worry much about shoulder mobility? But when shoulder problems lead to numb or tingling hands, the inability to sleep because of pain, or constant aching in the shoulder or neck, you start to realize that shoulder health matters a bit more than you might have thought.

And if you’re suffering with a painful and debilitating frozen shoulder, you know how bad it can get! It’s surprisingly easy to end up here.

We all want to feel great and keep going. Over time, though, the events of life catch up and you find yourself with sharp pains, dull aches, and stiff and limited movement as your shoulders start to demand your attention. Maybe it makes you wonder if something’s going to give out and leave you unable to do more than just shuffle around. Fear, anxiety, and frustration can set in as you continue to push through while wondering how much longer you will be able to do the things you love, or even keep going at all. Or maybe you have already been stopped in your tracks?

Does this sound too familiar?

You do NOT have to accept that your body is meant to break down or is going to hurt for the rest of your life!

Here is the problem: The current approach to health and wellness has trained us to think that there is a point in life where the body will just break down. We are expected to accept that over time our shoulders will gradually lose mobility, start to ache, get stiff, and get worse. And when it does, our options quickly become limited to medication to dull pain, surgery to fix torn and worn out parts, or ignoring it and pushing through. 

People rarely talk about where that approach leads. You will still have a body that feels like it is betraying you and you will be trapped in the mentality that you just have to live with it while managing the symptoms as best as possible. Sadly, that approach does lead to stiffer, less mobile shoulders. It’s kind of self-fulfilling.

What if there was another option?

No one should have to spend years, months, or even another day of worry and concern about a shoulder that can't be trusted in a body that is breaking down and hurting. You've likely spent too long already trying to figure things out and been let down by the healthcare system. You may feel trapped by the fear, frustration, and lack of control over your life that happens when you are stuck in pain, dependent on medications, and working around the limitations and problems in your shoulder(s), unable to do what you want.

Stop getting jerked around by the ups and downs of trying everything only to be let down again. And don't spend another dime on things that aren't working.

Life is meant to be enjoyable. And for shoulder pain, there is something better than medication, injections, surgery, and endless stretching and exercises that don't help. Our bodies can and ought to work well. You can stop the madness.

Consider that your body is wiser than you've appreciated

Let us help you reconnect with that wisdom. As you do, you will learn to heal in ways you have not been able to allow until now. And you will start to feel good again.

The Approach You Have to Life and Your Body Matters

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people with shoulder problems tell me how they’ve been told to keep “pushing” the range of movement. They have to “break through” the scar tissues or they’re going to lose movement, maybe even end up with a frozen shoulder. Nevermind that such aggressive forcing of a troubled body part often causes even more pain and protective bracing, making a frozen shoulder more likely! And when people are unable to get their shoulders moving despite the advice to break up scar tissue? The well meaning physicians’ best answer is to resort to general anaesthetic to “knock you out” so you can’t feel it when they wrench your shoulder through its range of motion to break up those scar tissues for you! In a hope that it will heal up again with more movement! Really?! It boggles my mind.

I get it, I understand why that’s the thinking. But that approach only makes sense when you’re not paying attention to the fact that the body and subconscious mind protect themselves. Subconscious protection and bracing matter. Ignore and force through them at your peril. You are not a machine and cannot be treated like one. Not very successfully, anyway.

It’s a bit of a soapbox of mine, my apologies! But it illustrates the point, your approach to life and your body, matter.

Instead of forcing the tissues, we support them so that your subconscious protections can let go and allow access to the deeper, troubled layers of tissue that need help. It’s a world of difference in results.

Robert was someone who came to us with a frozen shoulder. He’d been experiencing pain and loss of strength along with very limited movement for four years. He’d had surgery to stop the shoulder from frequently “falling out of joint,” which it’d been doing since a previous injury. Physical therapy wasn’t helping even though they got progressively more aggressive in forcing movement in the shoulder. Robert was having trouble getting dressed and couldn’t reach overhead.

Luckily, someone suggested he try us. Now, he’s reaching overhead easily, his shoulder isn’t hurting, and he’s got the ability to work out again. Once he found someone who was able to work with his body’s attempts to protect his shoulder, he made easy progress.

In Robert's case, the approach taken made the difference. It always does. Do you want to continue believing that surgery and forcing the tissues are your only options?

Might there be a better way?

The belief you have as to why you hurt determines the solution you attempt

Life isn't a lot of fun when you are stuck with shoulder pain. You try hard. You follow the recommendations of your doctor, your physical therapist, your nutritionist, your online guru, your next door neighbor, the lady selling essential oils, and the Facebook group you just joined. You have a PhD in "google" and you know there is something better than the mentality and physicality you are trapped in! But you are stuck with some beliefs about what is going on and how to best help it.

Is your shoulder really going to continue to break down and hurt until you get (another) surgery, because that’s “just what they do”?

Or are your shoulders and body doing their best and are overwhelmed because they are constantly handling ongoing things that are never resolved?

Could there be a better explanation of shoulder pain, weakness, and loss of mobility that allows for solutions - so that healing, longevity and feeling good are possible?

Like You, We Are Frustrated That Surgery and Injections Are the Most Common Recommendations for Shoulder Pain, Despite Their Lack of Effectiveness at Resolving the Problem

We understand what it's like to feel tired, worried, in pain, and worn out, hoping for a solution that will help your life go better. We know the frustration of searching and trying and failing, wondering if you are the only one struggling. No one should have to wonder how many times your doctor is going to tell you shoulder pain is normal at your age, how many activities you are going to have to modify, or when you should just give up.

Stop Pushing Through Life, Pretending to Be Okay

The vast majority of people suffer with some form of un-resolving pain that limits life and their enjoyment of it for a significant length of time. Shoulder pain is common and, while it might not threaten your ability to “get around,” it’s a too easily dismissed signal of deeper problems that shouldn’t be ignored. The shoulders are easy to overlook, until they don’t work, that is. Many people suffering the limiting and uncomfortable effects of shoulder pain wonder if they will ever feel 'normal' again.

If you believe there is better than you have been told you can expect, keep reading.

You can get back your confidence and trust in your shoulders (and body) and actually feel good as you carry on an enjoyable life. You can live life in a way that does not wear you out and beat you up.

We Provide Simple Answers and Expert Help So You Can Enjoy a Body That Feels Great and Works Really Well

  • Consider that your body all works together. What you have experienced and been through in your life leads to a build up of stuck stuff in the body. It isn't just your shoulders that are breaking down.
  • Tissues in the body that are stiff or glued and not moving properly cause problems. Most of us have more things stuck than we know or want to admit. Again, your shoulders hurt. But what else is not moving like it should?
  • If the way you have been trying and doing things isn't working, it's time for a different approach. Doing the same things in the same way only leads to feeling like life has beaten you down and worn you out. You don't have to continue down that path!

Resources and Starting Points


Free and Friendly

Perfect for those who need an introduction to our approach and what it can do for you.

Each workshop is designed to give you (and your family members who may be involved in your recovery) an opportunity to learn more about us and our approach to healing.

We’ll cover the basics of what causes some of the most common issues we help resolve and give you an idea of what it might look like moving forward.

Re³ Recovery Program

7-10 Week Program

Perfect for those ready to get started. You've worked too long and too hard to spend another minute of life feeling crappy!

You are no longer willing to just live with things as they are. You know there is better to life than the mentality or physicality you are trapped in now. And you are ready to jump in and get started. 

Our R³ Recovery Program dives right into healing with 7-10 weeks of concentrated, focused work to get you feeling better sooner.

Free: Self Help Guide For Shoulders

FREE Downloadable Guide

Perfect for those who need something that will help right now!

Advice is everywhere, some of it good, some of it bad. Oftentimes it is the application of the advice that matters most. When it comes to shoulder pain, or any other pain for that matter, the order in which you do things, matters.

For a shoulder that is hurting, weak, and losing mobility, reducing the stress on that shoulder and giving it the room and base of support it needs to move properly is the thing that’s most needed. Take care of that, and then you can move on to deeper healing and recovery.

FREE Learning Tools! 

About Release Works Myofascial Therapy Clinic 

We believe life is meant to be enjoyed! For far too long, "sick care" and "pain management" have been accepted as the norm. Many people accept far less than what their body is truly meant to experience. We are here to change that. Our vision is to be the place in the Greater Salt Lake Valley that changes people's approach to health, helping people reclaim the potential of the the human body through movement and repair, creating a world where people live with less pain, less fear, and more joy.

Whether you've come looking for help because you've been let down by  traditional healthcare and want something better than the "rest and painkillers" option nearly always advised by the doctor, or you're VERY health-conscious and already know that one of our Recovery Programs is your best option, you're about to ENJOY the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have seen proven results in their ability to regain control of their life with a body that feels great, moves well, and can keep going.

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Hear From People Who Feel Great!


Robert had shoulder surgery several years ago and physical therapy afterward did not go as well as he would have liked. The surgeon didn’t see progress like he wanted, and the physical therapist was progressively getting more forceful trying to make the shoulder move. Fast forward a few years and Robert began feeling limited in the use of his shoulder, having difficulty with strengthening and lifting. Eventually even getting a shirt over his head became painful, and Robert began researching frozen shoulder. In order to regain the use of his shoulder like he wanted, he narrowed his options down to manipulation under anesthesia, figuring out a program on his own, or see us.

He needed to get a sense of how we address thick and restricted tissues first, and once he did, he was willing to do whatever it took to get his arm moving again. 

Now Robert is reaching for his coffee cup in the morning without hesitation and is wondering if we can also help with his sciatica. (**Spoiler alert, yes, we can).


Recently I had surgery to repair a broken collarbone. Because we had  future travel plans, the surgeon made it clear that he would not 'release me as a patient' until at least three months after the surgery. I started treatment with the therapists at Release Works prior to the surgery and continued again a couple of weeks after. At the two month check up, the surgeon  stated that my progress was so good that he had not realized it had only been two months. 'I fooled the doctor!' The use of myofascial release techniques and the skill of these practitioners helped me to heal and gain mobility much faster than expected.

Uncertain What To Do Next?


Continue to get to know us and our approach: Check out our blog posts, follow us on Facebook, watch some YouTube videos, try a workshop, request a FREE guide, talk to a specialist. Take as long as you need here!


When you are ready, schedule an evaluation and treatment session: This will identify the problems contributing to your particular issues, give you answers on how best to move forward, and get you a sense of things you can do immediately to start helping things change.


Choose the program that is right for you: You never take the next step until you feel good about it. We won't oversell you. But if you are being unrealistic in your expectations, we will tell you. The longer things have been troubled, the longer the recovery.


Work the program and integrate change: This is where the pieces are put together in the order that is right for you. This can include calming the 'freak out' mode your body might be stuck in, guided treatment, hands on treatment, self care, mindfulness, unwinding, movement rehabilitation and correction, and strengthening. All of these will require practice, feedback, and repetition for lasting change to occur.


Lose fear, feel better, and regain confidence as you learn to heal in ways you have not allowed until now: This is when you know you have regained control of your life!


Michael Sudbury

Founder of Release Works Myofascial Therapy Clinic

Hi, This is normally where motivational and inspirational words would go. If you've made it here and haven't gotten started, I don't have any words to convince you. But I do have a question. How long are you going to let something get in the way of feeling great?

See you soon! 

Michael Sudbury

Still wondering if this is for you?

Here's a quick self assessment to help you determine your readiness to work with us.

If You:

  • Are looking for a quick fix, magic pill, or overnight solution.
  • Are uninterested in learning or taking an active role in your recovery.
  • Would rather take pills or even have surgery rather than take the time and do the work to address root causes.

Then we will NOT be a good fit for you!

If You:

  • Are willing to take an active role in your recovery and be consistent and stick with it when things get difficult.
  • Are fed up with prescriptions, injections, and band-aids that mask symptoms and pain but don’t resolve anything
  • Are willing to be consistent and stick with it when things get difficult
  • Can consider that true resolution goes beyond the spot that hurts, and that the temporary absence of pain does not mean you are done.
  • Want better care and maintenance than drugs and surgery for the one body you have in this life.

Then, just like the people above, you can expect a truly transformative outcome


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in what we do and how we help people that you are protected by our 100% right decision guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with the level of service you are provided, all you have do is tell us at the time of your session and your session is on us.  It's that simple!  If we don't deliver on what we promise, then we should not be compensated for our time.  Does that sound fair to you?