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The perfect place for people who want to reclaim a body that works well and feels good, without painkillers, injections, and surgery... so they can enjoy a full and active life

There is so Much Better Than You Have Been Told You Can Expect.

We believe life is meant to be enjoyed! For far too long, "sick care" and "pain management" have been accepted as the norm. Many people accept far less than what their body is truly meant to experience. We are here to change that. Our vision is to be the place in the Greater Salt Lake Valley that changes people's approach to health, helping people reclaim the potential of the the human body through movement and repair, creating a world where people live with less pain, less fear, and more joy.

When it comes to your health, there is so much better than you have been told you can expect. 

Michael spent years as a lone therapist and found himself growing frustrated at the inability to provide the care and attention clients needed and deserved, much less get the results he knew were possible. There just wasn’t time for one person to provide the nurture, support, and follow up required for each client to reach their potential while also running a business with all the tasks and paperwork required there. More than that, though, he found himself frustrated by the state of healthcare and what we accept for our bodies.

Essentially Michael saw that nearly every approach is coping and compensating for problems, instead of addressing them. Instead of finding and resolving the source of pain, you take pills when you get a headache. Or you undergo costly and dangerous surgeries when you get back problems because you’ve been sitting for years. You accept hunched and stooped, practically invalid, as normal. Often at relatively young ages. You blame genetics when it’s more likely how you have and haven’t taken care of your body.

At Release Works, we believe a body that is breaking down is usually a body that has lost its ability to move well. Pain is often simply the signal that tissues are stuck and glued, with your body coping and compensating for unresolved past issues. Dependence on pain medication just to get through the day is often because you don’t know there is a better way yet. Is it any wonder that you find your body beginning to get stiff and sore and break down, often far earlier or far worse than expected?

There is so Much Better Than You Have Been Led to Believe is Possible.

We know this because we have lived it, professionally and personally. We also know that if you are here on this page now it is likely because you are dealing with something you never thought would be a thing. And the best you are being told is that there is a medication you can try, or possibly surgery. Or worse, just learn to live with it. We know it is possible to reclaim a vibrant life and a body that moves well and feels good, without those things. Because we’ve been there. We’ve done it. And we’ve helped others do it. 

We know what it takes. And we can help you. It’s what we love to do and is our way of making the world better. How so? More people who are feeling good, and loving life makes everything better!

The people who work here have all had their own experiences of healing from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia, just to name a few things. It is what makes us passionate about what we do. It is why we do what we do. When you work with us, you can know you are working with someone who has walked the walk, who knows what is going to get in your way and how to help you through it. Who knows you can do it, knows you can feel good again, and live life the way you want it.

Want To Know If We Can Help You

It all starts with a conversation

What You Can Expect...

Have you ever asked yourself if there is something better than what the current healthcare system offers for regaining and maintaining your health and body? Have you considered that the type of solution to your pain matters?

When it comes to health, most people accept what they are told by healthcare practitioners. If a doctor says you need a medication or surgery to feel better, it must be true. If you are told nothing can be done, it must be true. 

Sadly, recommendations might be based on a quick look at your chart, perhaps a quick look at you, with a prescription or referral to yet another doctor filled out on a computer to be picked up at the desk on your way out.

  • Do you want to continue to believe that?...
  • ...Or rely on that type of treatment to regain your health? 

You might see a chiropractor or massage therapist because it is inexpensive, you get to lie on a table for a bit and not do anything while someone ‘fixes’ you, and you might feel better for a day or two. You might see a physical therapist, where you’re given some exercises or your joints are moved (forced) through a range of motion, and you hope the problem will go away.

Have You Found it Doesn’t Really Change Anything?

Have you wondered what it would be like to be able to work and move and play in the way you know deep down you are meant to? Or used to be able to?

At Release Works, we help you reclaim a body that works well and feels good, so you can get back to enjoying a full and active life. Consider. . . 

  • How is your life currently affected when you accept what someone tells you about learning to live with pain?
  • How are your interactions with others affected? Your job? Your enjoyment of life?
  • How would your life change if that pain and ache you are dealing with were resolved?

Are You Ready For Change?

  • At Release Works, we know that everybody is different and needs to be treated individually. We don’t rely on cookie cutter approaches and standard treatment protocols, which at best only deliver average results.
  • We don’t look at a chart or treat solely based on a diagnostic label. We look at you. We talk to you. We find out what you want from this so we can all work toward getting you back to the activities and lifestyle you love. That is what matters most here. The thing that is important to you is the thing that is important to us. You, getting back to the things you are currently missing out on. Not waiting for approval from an insurance company or spending time filing insurance forms, not measuring degrees of motion in your knee or shoulder in order to justify your treatment sessions, not waiting for referrals from a physician before we can even talk to you, not hoping you get the results you want in the number of sessions someone else dictates.
  • We know the best results come from individualized treatment and recovery programs where you are the center of all that happens. Whether it is one-on-one manual therapy sessions with a specialist, movement rehabilitation and correction, guided treatment instruction, self-care, or increasing mindfulness and body awareness, we want and need you to be a part of this process every step of the way. We never move forward with anything until you are ready. And we design a plan specific to you and what you need in order to regain a body that moves well and feels good to you.
  • Everyone who walks through our doors, or calls us on the phone, is treated as an individual. You are not a number or a name and birthdate on an insurance plan. You are not your diagnosis, and you are not your injury or pain. You are an individual with unique needs and concerns. It gives us great pleasure to help YOU get better.

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Founded by Michael Sudbury, LMT


Specialist Myofascial Release Therapist

Michael has been in pursuit of uncommon wisdom practically since the day he was born. This has led him through many twists and turns, questioning philosophies and excelling in school only to drop out near the end, abandoning career paths. He has a scientific mind but has come to understand that life and love require artistry, not facts, figures, and protocols.

“Here Are 3 People We’ve Helped Recently

Please enjoy watching these case-studies of other people just like you who came to see the therapy team at Release Works - and left much healthier and happier within just a couple of weeks:


Brent (50s), had been getting progressively tighter and stiffer over the past decade, just like his father had, when he reached out to us. He was experiencing pain in his low back and SI joints area. He was still able to play golf without much pain, but was achy and sore in a bad way for a few days afterwards. It was slowing him down, and of course his boy was now beating him at his own game.

He walked in to the clinic and announced he was a skeptic, but willing to give it a shot.

It wasn’t long before he was amazed. He was feeling things change and loosen that he hadn’t been aware needed it (mostly his hips and chest) – and the pains in his back and legs were starting to fade. He started to realize he wasn’t doomed to the same experience as his father. When he was able to play a full 18 rounds, with no pain the next day, he was so pleased. But the bonus was that he trounced his son that game too, hitting the ball further and straighter than he’d been able to before. 


When Shauna first started seeing us, her goal was to be active for many years and avoid the breakdown she had seen in her mom. She was looking for help to get ready for golfing and biking in the spring. We helped her meet and exceed her goals and she completed more than one 100 mile bike ride over the summer. Then disaster happened. 

Shauna had a fall and broke her knee cap in half. Screws had to be surgically placed to hold the 2 pieces together again. Recovery was a tough road and there were moments when it was difficult to even get out of a chair. She spent quite awhile sleeping in a recliner because it was too painful to get in and out of bed. She spent more than 10 weeks in a leg brace and knew she needed help to get moving again. Physical therapy was excruciating as the therapist would aggressively force her knee through painful movements. Shauna was told this was necessary if she wanted to walk again and that she needed to break up the scar tissue. Thanks to her previous experiences with us, Shauna knew there was another way and began to add weekly appointments at Release Works to her recovery plan. 

Within a few weeks, the physical therapist had stopped telling her to be more aggressive in breaking up scar tissue and even commented on how well she was walking. It wasn’t long before Shauna was discharged from physical therapy even though she did not yet have full range of motion in her leg and was still experiencing pain with walking down hills or stairs. Recovery is slower than Shauna wants, but her knee continues to improve and pain is now minimal. She still has weekly sessions here to help her with that recovery. She has returned to golfing and is walking daily with her friends. 



Kristal (20s) was already trapped when she found us, her back tightening in pain. She’d been seeing chiropractors and physical therapists since 12 and 15 years of age with only a little bit of temporary relief. She’d given up on being athletic and could hardly be all that active even. Now she was sitting at a desk, trying to be productive but getting even more hunched as her head and back ached.

I remember she couldn’t even begin to arch her spine backwards her spine and ribs were so rigid. She had no clue how that was supposed to work in her body and couldn’t feel the movement at all. (There wasn’t any…)

She was pretty excited coming in one day to show how something had shifted, almost unlocked, and she could get her back arching a little bit.

Kristal has been in less and less back pain, with greatly reduced headaches. She also had a bit of a scare over a cyst putting lots of pressure into her abdomen – these things can be pretty dangerous. Once she felt it reduce and shrink as we treated the area, however, she had no more concern. She was right – medical tests showed we’d helped the cyst to completely disappear.

Kristal is now a big fan of ours as she’s had her headaches and back pain greatly reduced, and she’s back to running and being active. Her life is looking much brighter.