Meet the Owner - Release Works Myofascial Therapy

Meet Michael Sudbury, Owner of Release Works Myofascial Therapy...

Michael loves to question things. Beliefs, assumptions, the way things have always been done, etc… He questions them in order to better understand, to uncover what’s really going on, and to find more effective, simpler solutions.

Over fifteen years ago, this curiosity got turned on the body and the pains people get stuck in. He should have run the other way right then, because he’s been consumed by helping people feel better ever since! (Seriously, his wife is pretty patient…)


All that time ago, Michael happened upon myofascial release and was hooked instantly. Here, finally, was a practice that recognized the wholeness of a person, required the utmost integrity and courage to be a therapist, and led to profound healing for those who dared go deep!

In his pursuit of true therapeutic artistry, Michael has trained extensively with the creator of The John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach®, John Barnes, PT, LMT, NCTMB (a therapist and teacher of the highest caliber) and has been an assistant instructor in his seminars. He also teaches at a local massage school.

His knowledge and passion are fueled with personal experience. Michael has healed and recovered from years of on again, off again (mostly on) debilitating back pain and even worse headaches. There’s also neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, wrists that were unable to support his weight for years, tinnitus, knee pains, IT band syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. And that’s just him. He knows, quite well, what it takes to get out of pain sometimes, better yet, what it takes to heal.

He’s also helped his wife recover from severe back pain and stiffness, rebalancing and aligning her pelvis so that she was able to give birth naturally, unmedicated, three times - after a chiropractor had told her earlier to not ever get pregnant because it would be too difficult.

These experiences have helped him understand just how hard it can be when people think you should be able to “get over it” and “move through it,” as they wonder, “why aren’t you better yet?”

And then there’s the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people he’s helped. Over and over, people come in saying that they’ve tried everything and nothing has helped. Okay, so Michael gets a bit excited when that happens, because he knows that’s about to change…

Now, it’s getting even better as he finds that running a clinic allows him to build a skilled and compassionate team with the passion and dedication to help more people than he ever could on his own.

When not helping people get out of the pain that has frustrated and limited them for years, he is driven just a little bit crazy by his three wonderful kids and he is forever grateful to his wife for bringing them into this world. Being a father is just as rewarding and challenging as he hoped and feared it would be. Actually, it’s more so, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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