How to Heal Your Back Without Drugs, Injections, Or Surgery

A Natural Solution to Back Pain That Recovers Mobility, Leaving You Stronger and Healthier Too

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING – including exercise, massage, and yoga – only to continue suffering with a bad back and feeling like nobody can help, but you are determined to get out of pain and back to a life where you can be active and enjoy yourself, start by downloading this free, special report...

"How to Heal Your Back Without Drugs, Injections, Or Surgery...

A natural solution to back pain that recovers mobility, leaving you stronger and healthier too.”

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If you’ve got lower back pain, stiffness or an ache - it’s very tempting to think that it’s nothing, that it will go away on its own. Or, you pass it off as having just “slept awkwardly”, or that it’s just a “spasm” or a bit of stiffness that “everyone” your age suffers from...

There’s no obvious reason why it happened, or maybe there is an incident that started it all - but either way, it doesn’t seem to be shifting!

If that’s happening to you, you’re not alone - and we hear this type of thing all the time. In fact, Lower Back Pain and Sciatica is THE most common problem that we see in our myofascial release clinic in Salt Lake City.

And when it comes to living with back pain, everybody we see wants to know

“Why is This Happening to Me?”...


“Why Am I Still Suffering With Back Pain After Putting Up With It For 6 Months (Maybe More)?”

Most people think that when they get Back Pain, it’s just going to go away on its own.

That they’ll wake up one morning and like “magic”, it’ll be as if back pain never happened… But then 6 months later you’re still living with back pain - often even worse than it was when it came on.

Does That Sound Like You?

Another scenario we see all the time in our Myofascial Release Clinic is when people go to the Doctor’s, and the Doctor tells them to rest and “try these painkillers” and “see how it goes”.

But this is rarely ever the best advice and often 6 weeks later, they end up going back to the Doctor again because it hasn’t got any better. Worse, they’re often given yet another prescription of even stronger pills, and advised MORE rest. This is madness and explains why so many people aged 50+ are suffering with chronic lower back pain.

Do You Feel That Way Too?

Why else does back pain last longer than it should? Well, it’s easy to get confused because you’ve been told different things, by different people. There’s lots of people out there who are happy to dispense advice - but not all of it is credible.

Maybe you think your back pain was caused by doing something - like lifting or sleeping awkwardly - but really it was caused by years and years of poor posture that caused the muscles in your lower back to become weak and the lifting or the awkward sleeping position was just the EFFECT of that.

It goes deeper than that though, because it’s not just years of poor posture and weak muscles… “Exercise to strengthen the weak muscles” isn’t likely to be enough, and on its own may make things worse (even if it does reduce the symptoms of pain.)

It’s also all the bumps, falls, “tweaks,” injuries, and surgeries over your lifetime that have led to a buildup of “restrictions” in the tissues of your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and even nerves and internal organs. These issues go unrecognized by most including doctors and scans but can wreak havoc on even the best laid out exercise routines if you don’t deal with them. At the minimum, your back might hurt less, but you’ll be setting yourself up for other problems down the road.

If you don’t know what you’re doing - back pain can be very confusing and because of this, many people just end up accepting it as ‘part of life’ - as if it’s normal, and ‘just the way it is’.

Has This Type Of Thing Happened To You?

Then there are the people who are having even more trouble. You’re in so much pain and weakness that it’s almost debilitating. Every day is a struggle and you want nothing more than to just sit or lie down, but even that hurts and barely helps.

You do your best to “push on,” because you have to, but it’s frustrating that no one ever really understands what you’re going through. They wonder if it’s all in your head, and you’re not sure which is worse… When they expect you to keep going and keep up, wondering why you’re so slow – or they feel “sorry” for you.

But either way, you’d really like to be able to say, “I’m good,” and mean it.

Have You Been Having a Tough Time?

If You’re Currently Living With Back Pain, Here Are 8 Ways You May Be Approaching It That Could Be Causing It To Last Longer Than It Should:

  • 1. You thought it would go away on it’s own - but it didn’t​
  • 2. You went to the Doctor who told you to rest and take painkillers - but the pills did nothing to help your back, and as soon as they wore off chronic Back pain struck again
  • 3. A family member, or friend, told you that everybody gets Back pain as they get older, so you just accepted it
  • 4. You tried other Healthcare Professionals, or a Physio in the past, but nothing they said or did seemed to help
  • 5. You tried YouTube exercises but they either didn’t do a thing, or made your Back pain ten times worse
  • 6. You thought it would be a good idea to rest because your Back pain was so bad, but all that did was make it feel even more stiff and tight
  • 7. You decided to get a few “massages” hoping that would fix the pain, but at best all they did was feel nice and relaxing, and didn’t do anything to fix it long term…
  • 8. You tried wearing a brace to protect and help your back, but it only helps a little and may actually be making your back weaker

If any of these have happened to you - we would love to help you by inviting you to book a call to talk with one of our therapists at our Salt Lake City Myofascial Release Clinic to find out what can be done to help you. The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things already is actually a GOOD THING because when you know what doesn’t work - you are closer to finding the thing that does!

Click the link below to book a call with us if you would like to get some solid advice given to you over the phone. The phone call is complementary and there is no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do next for the best.

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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of MY Back Pain Quickly?”...

Well, here's 4 things you can do:

  • 1. First off, you need to make a decision about getting help. So many people procrastinate for so long, thinking that Back pain will ‘just go away with time’, but then 6 months (or years) down the line they’re still putting up with it, and nothing’s changed… Or it gets worse
  • 2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises [Fundamental Movements that Build Human Fitness] - one of the best things to help you ease your Back pain is to do the right series of fundamental movement exercises - the right exercises (that built our strength in the first place, and all humans should still be doing) will help reduce pain, and allow you to move freely again quickly - and make sure that the problems don’t come back anytime soon (or aggravate your back even more like some exercises do).
  • 3. Avoid sitting and long periods of rest - ever tried to get up from the sofa after resting for a while, but you struggle because your back feels so painful and tight? That’s because one of the worst things you can do that adds to Back pain is rest, and sit for long periods of time. Too much rest, and sitting in awkward positions makes your back stiff and tight. It would really help if you were given appropriate strengthening exercises for better posture, alongside hands-on treatment, to get you active and healthy as quickly as possible.
  • 4. Get​ real, “hands-on” Myofascial Release from the right experts - MFR addresses the underlying “stiffness” and “limitation” in the body that are locking painful symptoms in place, keeping you unable to exercise, stretch, or even rest effectively. If your back pain is affecting your job or your ability to keep active, if it threatens your independence or gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends - MFR can help get you back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible. Even if yours is a complicated case that others have given up on.

If you would like to know how the Myofascial Release team at Release Works (clinic in Salt Lake City) can help you live with less Back pain - we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk free appointment at our clinic:

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Note: This Free Discovery Visit is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or sceptical about Myofascial Release therapy - unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a free discovery visit so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done - without any financial risk on your part.

So the next question is:

“How Can Choosing to See a Myofascial Release Therapist at Release Works Myofascial Therapy Clinic Help You Feel Better - In The Next Few Days?”

Here’s just a few of the things our MFR Therapy Team can do for you:

  • We address the right problem in the right way. Others address underlying issues contributing to your pain with ultrasound and exercises and massage, which are all good ideas but fail to address the fascial system in any lasting way.
  • We help you gain awareness of how your body is functioning as a whole – bringing an END to the confusion and frustration as to why you keep hurting.
  • We help you see that focusing on the pain “going away” is the very best way to stay stuck in that pain. In fact, looking for the pain to be fixed in one, two, or even 10 sessions is what most gets in the way of healing it for good.
  • We support you in a healing journey that, recognize it or not, is desperately needed
  • We help you feel a difference as we improve how your body works – that you haven’t been aware of for decades
  • We help you learn how to take control of your daily experience with effective self-treatment and movement exercises
  • We are more thorough than those promising “fast relief” – We help you see how other problems are contributing to your back pain, that no one else has ever noticed or touched effectively – and we help improve those problems, which is the vital thing missing from all other approaches
  • When you’re seeing us, you will experience significant, positive, and noticeable changes, often in one or two sessions, such as...
  • Breathing more easily and feeling more relaxed
  • Walking up and down stairs with less trouble
  • Getting in and out of your car without assistance
  • Finally getting a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning trying to find that one position that feels “right”
  • Reaching for something and not worrying about throwing out your back
  • Being able to sit or walk comfortably for more than 15 minutes without feeling that your back is getting weak and painful or like it is going to “give-way”...
  • Pain can “zap” you of energy and limit a peaceful nights sleep - we can help you to enjoy sleeping at night and living with more energy each day
  • ​We can help you put an end to taking all of those painkillers that are no good for your health long-term
  • ​We can help you avoid dangerous spinal surgery - and painful injections
  • ​We can help you keep out of the Doctor’s waiting room or from making repeat visits only to be given more pills!
  • We can help you get back to enjoying quality time with family and friends that back pain has stolen from you

Basically, we can help you get back to living life free from the torment of chronic back pain

If you want to know what it costs - and what availability we have at our myofascial release therapy clinic in Salt Lake City, then please just click the button below and complete the short form:

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“Hear From Happy Clients of Release Works Myofascial Therapy”

  • Name
    Brent (50s), had been getting progressively tighter and stiffer over the past decade, just like his father had, when he reached out to us. He was experiencing pain in his low back and SI joints area. He was still able to play golf without much pain, but was achy and sore in a bad way for a few days afterwards. It was slowing him down, and of course his boy was now beating him at his own game.

    He walked in to the clinic and announced he was a skeptic, but willing to give it a shot.

    It wasn’t long before he was amazed. He was feeling things change and loosen that he hadn’t been aware needed it (mostly his hips and chest) – and the pains in his back and legs were starting to fade. He started to realize he wasn’t doomed to the same experience as his father. When he was able to play a full 18 rounds, with no pain the next day, he was so pleased. But the bonus was that he trounced his son that game too, hitting the ball further and straighter than he’d been able to before.
  • Name
    Tiffany (30’s), was suffering from low back and pelvic instability. This means weakness and constant aching in her low back and hips with sudden and severe, sharp pains with certain movements (like sneezing.) She’d been dealing with this torture for 8 years. As she’s trying to be a mom.

    It started with jumping into a body of water while on vacation. Something got shifted in her pelvis and she’d been in pain every day since. Of course she’d gone to doctors, tried massage, PT, and chiropractic. Nothing helped for more than a day or two, if that.

    We treated her and focused first on the restrictions that were pulling her pelvis into a twist and putting excessive stress on her low back. She didn’t notice immediate improvement in her pain but before long there was enough room for her pelvis to start stabilizing. She began having days with less pain.

    Tiffany was diligent with her self-treatment that we’d shown her but she came in every other visit feeling frustrated that she wasn’t getting better faster. We’d remind her that her headaches were improving, and her back was starting to feel better, after eight years of hell.

    One of the milestones that made a difference for her was when she came in and told us she’d helped her sister with some housework… and not had to “pay for it” the next day! She started to have more confidence as her body got stronger and more stable. She has almost no problem with her back now – It’s fantastic to see her get back to a life she’s enjoying.
  • Name
    Dean (40s), has had a rough time. Multiple injuries to his ribs and low back, multiple hernias, surgeries to repair, and even a surgery to move the nerve “causing” the pain. He has been placed on permanent disability and when I met him, he could hardly walk. Every step was painful, but he wasn’t giving up.

    When he first got treated, his hips and back were so glued together there was no room for any joint anywhere in his pelvis, hips, or back to move well and feel good. Everything was scrunched up and cemented in place. It’s taken a while, but he’s seen gradual ongoing improvement. His back can move much better, his hips have some mobility, and there are days he actually feels good.

    He’s enjoying being able to be active and do things, even though it doesn’t come with no pain, yet.
  • Name
    Kristal (20s) was already trapped when she found us, her back tightening in pain. She’d been seeing chiropractors and physical therapists since 12 and 15 years of age with only a little bit of temporary relief. She’d given up on being athletic and could hardly be all that active even. Now she was sitting at a desk, trying to be productive but getting even more hunched as her head and back ached.

    I remember she couldn’t even begin to arch her spine backwards her spine and ribs were so rigid. She had no clue how that was supposed to work in her body and couldn’t feel the movement at all. (There wasn’t any…)

    She was pretty excited coming in one day to show how something had shifted, almost unlocked, and she could get her back arching a little bit.

    Kristal has been in less and less back pain, with greatly reduced headaches. She also had a bit of a scare over a cyst putting lots of pressure into her abdomen – these things can be pretty dangerous. Once she felt it reduce and shrink as we treated the area, however, she had no more concern. She was right – medical tests showed we’d helped the cyst to completely disappear.

    Kristal is now a big fan of ours as she’s had her headaches and back pain greatly reduced, and she’s back to running and being active. Her life is looking much brighter.
  • Name
    Michael (40s) When I first got going as a therapist, I thought I had no real issues. Luckily for me, I started finding them. For a few years, the only signal I noticed of my back trouble was how my low back would ache every time I drove for more than half an hour. Once I had some myofascial release treatment affect my low back, though, I found out I had some problems.

    My low back started getting stiff one day as I was teaching a class. I tried to stretch and move it, but it got worse and worse. By the end of the class, I could barely walk. It was torture to put any weight on my right leg. Everything felt weak and painful in my low back. So I hobbled out to my car.

    I went home and all I could do was cancel my appointments and lie down on the floor. I was freaking out. I mean, nothing had happened. If there had been an injury I would have just expected I needed some time to heal, but nothing had happened… I’d just been treated with myofascial release a few days before.

    Turns out, my sacrum and pelvis were starting to realign (a good thing), but I didn’t know that at the time.

    It took a day and a half. I’d lie on the floor and feel a little better, get up and then sit and start feeling worse again. I gradually noticed the pattern and started to realize my sacrum (tailbone) was shifting around every time – better on the floor, worse when I sat. Somehow, I managed to stabilize enough that I didn’t have that terrible weakness and sharp pain.

    But I wasn’t done, oh no…

    I spent years in a pattern of 3 or 4 tough, achy weeks, and one or two decent weeks only to go back to bad. Bad meant that I ached and was stiff, spending all my free time trying to help my back feel better. It was always harder to move in the morning, after sleeping.

    Gradually I learned… I learned beds, couches, and just about any kind of sitting would send me backwards. But all those days of feeling stuck, achy, and stiff taught me how to start fixing what actually needed help. I learned to not waste my time stretching the stiff area, or trying to improve flexibility. Instead I learned to help my low spine get enough room that it could correct its alignment. Bit by bit, I got better and better.

    After this odyssey, I know what it’s like, the pain, the weakness and limitation. I wish I’d had a therapist like me to help me through it… but then I wouldn’t be a therapist like me.

    I’m also far better off than I would have been physically. I might not have ever dealt with those low back issues, but a misaligned pelvis would have been causing worse and worse breakdowns over the years. Now, instead of breaking down, I’ve improved and continue to improve most things, like my wrists, shoulders, neck, headaches, knees, feet, balance, strength, and just plain my ability to be comfortable in any given situation.