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Level Up Your Myofascial Self Treatment

If you play video games, you likely know the significance and sense of accomplishment when you “level up.” Leveling up doesn’t just happen in video games, though. It happens here frequently as clients work with the Release Works Myofascial Therapy team and begin to develop an effective myofascial self treatment practice. Let me tell youContinue Reading »

Improve Your Self Myofascial Release By 1%!

I recently learned about the 1% approach to improvement. It is drawn from the work Sir David Brailsford did with the British cycling team to take them from dead last in the world of competitive cycling to Olympic gold medal status. I am learning to apply it to self myofascial release, or what the ReleaseContinue Reading »

What do you want and how do you think it will go?

We see many clients who come into their initial evaluation and myofascial release treatment sessions wondering how things will go. Wondering if working with us will help them finally get their life back, finally allow them to return to the activities they enjoy and haven’t been able to do for a long time, sometimes years.Continue Reading »

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