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Want To Feel Better? Get Better At Feeling

What Are You Feeling? Sometimes in life, you hurt. It’s unavoidable, try as you might. But have you found that sometimes, some things keep hurting? Sometimes they get worse as you go. Is it old age? Or genetics? Is it somehow just your lot in life? Why does your back hurt so often? Why doesContinue Reading »

How Can I Improve My Posture To Reduce Joint Pain? 

How Can I Improve My Posture To Reduce Joint Pain? 

Do you suffer from joint pain? Are you a “sloucher”? Are you worried that your poor posture is contributing to your sore joints? You’re right.  The way you carry your body when walking, sitting, standing, and lying down – your posture – is critical to avoiding joint pain. But what is “good posture”? A goodContinue Reading »

Improve Your Self Myofascial Release By 1%!

I recently learned about the 1% approach to improvement. It is drawn from the work Sir David Brailsford did with the British cycling team to take them from dead last in the world of competitive cycling to Olympic gold medal status. I am learning to apply it to self myofascial release, or what the ReleaseContinue Reading »

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