Introduction to Myofascial Release Therapy

Are You Really Going to Just Accept That You’re Going to Hurt From Now on

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Let me guess, you saw the dare and said to yourself
!! Challenge Accepted !!

You’re probably wondering what it is we do. I’ll tell you: 

You know the people who want to play and enjoy life again?

Well, we help them feel good enough and confident enough to do it.

What many don’t realize, or don’t know how to act on, is that our patterns of movement and thought set up in early life combined with injuries play a large role in setting our path. You might go to the doctor, and get pills or surgery, but that changes nothing really. But it is possible to change your path, to shift your course.

We help you do that.


Michael Sudbury

Myofascial Release Therapist

We are a team that is committed to assisting you to heal pains, regain proper strength, and improve your range of motion. Our goal is to help you age gracefully and powerfully, and ultimately achieve optimal body function.

With our support, you can experience the best possible feeling and performance from your body. And you can say goodbye to excessive medication or surgery and enjoy life to the fullest.

Do you want to feel young again?

Confident? Strong? Capable again?

Do You Want to Know That You Can:

  • Work and play at the pace you want?
  • Turn and look, or reach to navigate your world?
  • Travel without hurting?
  • Keep active and trust your ability to do whatever you need or want to?
  • Not have to “pay for it” the next day when you decide to do anyway what you know is going to punish you?

Have you realized that what you have been doing really hasn't been working?

That’s because:

  • Massage doesn’t do it
  • Stretching doesn’t do it
  • Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Exercise and physical therapy may help, but they don’t do it either
  • Trying to “Fix your Posture” can actually make things worse

Surgery and meds tend to provide a partial solution at best with a list added risks.

Getting the “right bed” or taking the “right supplement” is not the answer either.

All of these can help. Some are even necessary, like exercise, but they’re all missing critical components.

When these components are missing, it’s going to undermine, limit, or even prevent you from obtaining the results you want -- which is a body that feels great and works right, not one stuck in pain, weakness, and poor function.

“What Are These Missing Components?”

You’re Probably Wondering?

Release Works

The components missing from all the other approaches:

  • Restoring proper mobility of your body (You might wonder, “Isn’t that what stretching and massage are supposed to do?” Yeah, and it would be great if they actually did)
  • Finding and letting go of the subconscious tensions and bracing that are sabotaging all of your efforts
  • Learning to appreciate and apply quality movement to the daily use of your body. How or why does this matter you might ask?
  • And working through layers of trouble and compensation that have built up over years

Then, it should be obvious, but while many people still hope for the quick fix, there are layers and layers to what’s happened in your body and how you’ve coped with it.

The first layer of improvement may or may not get you out of your pain, but there is a far better experience possible than you probably dare to hope for.

But if you’re still looking for the quick fix, you’re going to keep getting the temporary solution

How do you do this?

You may need less or you may need more help but you’re going to need varying levels of help in different areas.

Failing to recognize individual differences is one of the reasons so many approaches and “solutions” don’t help as well as they should.

For everyone who works with us we assess their situation and needs.

  • How troubled is your myofascial system and how is it affecting your movement and alignment and contributing to pain and difficulty?
  • How much are you bracing against pain or subconsciously protecting troubled areas?
  • What help and practice do you need to be able to soften and bring awareness to an area?
  • Do you already have a good sense of and control over your movement?

"Don’t worry, many people really don’t, and they don’t know it either."

What happens with every Plan of Care?

Our therapists will listen to your story, help you identify achievable goals, and assess the following areas:

  • Structural/Myofascial System Restrictions
  • Level of Subconscious Bracing and Protection
  • Movement Awareness and Quality

Once the evaluation is complete, we will recommend a personalized Treatment Plan that focuses on rectifying foundational issues that have been sabotaging your progress, releasing restricted fascial tissues and their distorting effects, and removing the overwhelming and excessive twists, pressures, and tensions that cause injury.

The plan will also help you develop an awareness of higher quality movement and the effective use of your body, while allowing enough time to address several layers of the difficulties that have led to pain and discomfort.

After Treatment

After undergoing treatment with us, you will experience a freer and better moving body with reduced or even eliminated pain. You will appreciate quality conscious movement and a much more effective approach to self-care.

You will have the ability to effectively address many of your pains yourself, reducing fear and anxiety about “what’s going wrong in my body?”

This will give you a confident, forward-moving approach to ongoing improvement and enjoyment over the years to come, instead of the typical downward spiral that tends to happen.

Whether you continue working with us or choose to go it on your own, you will have learned valuable skills to improve your overall well-being.

Questions? Interested? Wanna jump on it? Up for the Challenge?

“Don’t take our word for it, let us show you what’s possible”

What do you have to lose?

One of our team members will call for that conversation

We aren’t new to the area, in fact we’ve been in the business of doing what we love for the last 10 years.

Our Clients are great with word of mouth, but I also wanted to make sure to send an introduction and offer out to those who may not have heard of us or unsure what we are about.

What many don’t realize, or don’t know how to act on, is that our patterns of movement and thought set up in early life combined with injuries play a large role in setting our path.

But it is possible to change your path or shift your course.

We help you do that.

When You Work With Us, We're Going to Help You Find and Fix Unrecognized "Stuck" Areas by Designing a Personal Treatment Plan of Care.

We will work together to target areas of your body that aren't moving as they should. These areas cause additional problems and pains throughout your body. They are areas that go unnoticed by most people, even those trying to help. They can cause additional problems and pains throughout your body, leading to a decreased ability to enjoy life and do the things you love. Many people try to address this problem with stretching and massage, but they often do so in less effective or incorrect ways, focusing on the areas that hurt or feel tight rather than areas that aren’t actually moving.

Additionally, when you’ve been hurt or injured, your body may subconsciously brace and protect against certain movements or touch that cause pain. This protective bracing can become ingrained in your muscles, making it even harder to regain mobility.

In essence, when you try to fight against yourself, you will inevitably lose. That’s why we work with you to design a personalized treatment plan of care, targeting the areas of your body that need it most. With our help, you can break free from the cycle of pain and start enjoying life again.



Got her life back after 4 years of painful feet



Regained trust in his body

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

So there you have it, you only have to gain from connecting with us and allowing us to show you what’s possible.

Our schedule can fill up quickly but we are truly passionate about helping everyone we can to live the life they want and deserve to enjoy.

If you are ready for the challenge?

Open to the possibilities of a more fulfilling life?

Or if you have questions still, go to the button above and one of our team members will be happy to reach out to you.

Poor movement habits are still habits and can throw you back into trouble quickly. That’s why we also build you into a practice of quality movement and awareness of how you’re using your body.

This practice alone can help reduce pains and improve your experience in your body -- but combined with restoring proper tissue mobility, the effect is incredibly magnified. Actually, some of your subconscious bracing is because of poor movement habits -- so a practice of quality movement is often critically important to regaining and keeping a body that feels great for a long time.

Exercise coaches and trainers try to convey this to you but they don’t have the depth of understanding to really get it to sink in or fix it. They just tell you to “brace your core” and make sure your glutes are activated.

Often, that’s actually compensation for lower back problems that need to be helped before you strengthen in your misalignment.

Healing Cycle