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+ Take Care of and Repair Your Body.
+ Eradicate Chronic Pains, Stiffness, and weakness.
+ Recover Mobility and Keep Active.
+ Avoid Early Breakdown.
+ Get Back Control of your body.

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About Myofascial Release Therapy

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Have you been dealing with pain for too long? 

Maybe it’s chronic or widespread, or it feels like something in your body is breaking down. Have you been told there’s not much that can be done, you’re just going to have to live with it? Or have you been told surgery, fusions, and pain blockers are your only options? (Maybe you’ve had those procedures and you’re still suffering.)

Are you skipping out on fun with friends and family, “pushing through” it, or pretending you don’t hurt (while secretly suffering?) Is the pain just “getting in the way?” Have you tried lots of things to resolve your pain, only to be frustrated? (Things like, pain pills, ointments, ice & heat, rest, bracing, stretching, massage, physical therapy, exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture, foam rollers and lacrosse balls...) 

Do you just want your body to work and feel better, so you can keep active and enjoy life?

Whether you’ve tried “everything” already, or you’d prefer to skip that part, we help people like you. If you prefer to avoid surgery and drugs, would like your body to work better and feel stronger with less pain, and want to have your best years ahead of you, then we are your new best friends. Hi, Bestie! :-)

About the Owner - Michael Sudbury

Michael loves to question things. Beliefs, assumptions, the way things have always been done, etc… He questions them in order to better understand, to uncover what’s really going on, and to find more effective, simpler solutions.

Over fifteen years ago, this curiosity got turned on the body and the pains people get stuck in. He should have run the other way right then, because he’s been consumed by helping people feel better ever since! (Seriously, his wife is pretty patient…)

All that time ago, Michael happened upon myofascial release and was hooked instantly. Here, finally, was a practice that recognized the wholeness of a person, required the utmost integrity and courage to be a therapist, and led to profound healing for those who dared go deep!

In his pursuit of true therapeutic artistry, Michael has trained extensively with the creator of the Myofascial Release Approach®, John Barnes, PT (a therapist and teacher of the highest caliber) and has been an assistant instructor in his seminars. He also teaches at a local massage schoo

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What Other People Are Saying About US

Myofascial therapy is fantastic, you have to try it! It's the best thing I've ever tried, it's way better than a doctor’s office. I really enjoy it!

I feel better physically, I feel better emotionally, and the pain is gone. And I know how to make it go away without any chemicals, without any surgeries, without anything!

[MFR] went beyond what I thought, above expectations!

Aleja - 30s, Ogden UT

[MFR] has freed me up! It really has made me feel a lot younger because I can move better and with less pain. It's getting better all the time.

Movement is life, if we're not moving, our life is gone.

The best thing about coming to you is that now I can play more. … I enjoy life more.

Garth - 60's, Orem, UT

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