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Fundamental Truths of Healing and Recovery


When it comes to resolving headaches, migraines, back issues, knee troubles, shoulder difficulties, or a body that is generally starting to feel like it is giving out, there are a few basic truths that need addressed, accepted, and embraced as you move forward.

  1. 1
    There is no quick fix or magic pill - This one is pretty simple, and I think we all already know it but maybe aren’t ready to admit it quite yet. If there was a quick fix to resolving the source of what is causing you trouble, you would have found it already. But there isn’t. Let’s accept it and move on to the business of doing what needs done to get you back to doing the things you love.
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    Resolving the things causing you trouble is likely going to be more of a project than you knew - The quicker you can also accept this reality, the better. It goes hand in hand with wanting a quick fix to just make things better. Years ago, as I found help for the debilitating headaches and dizziness I was dealing with, it took awhile for this truth to settle in, that recovering my health was going to be more of a project than I expected or wanted. When I would ask my therapist how long it was going to take to get my life back (and I used to ask a lot), he would gently remind me that I could barely walk down the hall when I first started seeing him. Healing and recovery was going to be a process, and I was working the process.
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    Healing and recovery is a partnership between you and your therapists - This part took the longest time for me to fully understand and embrace. There is a lot that goes into the healing process in order to get the outcome you want. It is a 50/50 relationship between you and your therapists. Your therapist will give you all the tools, support, and hands on treatment you need to reach your goals as you invest in yourself with your time, attention, and compliance with recommendations.This might include modification to your exercise and activity, nutrition, sleep, and stress levels, as well as suggestions for how you show up to for appointments, being present on the table, communicating what you are experiencing, and being invested in the role you play. The truth is, your therapists cannot fix you without your participation. Just as you cannot fix you without expert help and guidance (remember, if you could have figured it out, you would have).

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Vanetta Servoss

Vanetta Servoss

Specialist Myofascial Release Therapist Vanetta loves her work as a myofascial release therapist! She was introduced to myofascial release as a client struggling with debilitating headaches, dizziness, pain, and muscle tension. Traditional medicine did little to provide relief, and it wasn't until she began seeing a mfr therapist that she started seeing change. She knows first hand how it feels to be trapped in pain with little hope for recovery. Or to be given a diagnostic label like fibromyalgia with little recourse other than dependence on prescription medications. She no longer believes those are the only options available to those struggling with pain or loss of mobility, and credits mfr with helping her get her life back. She considers it a privilege to assist others in their journey. Vanetta's formal education includes an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and a Master's degree in Health Promotion from Mississippi State University. She is also a licensed massage therapist and has trained extensively in the John Barnes' Myofascial Release approach. Vanetta loves to travel and explore other places. She now enjoys that active lifestyle she once thought was no longer possible, and can frequently be found outside enjoying the sunshine and hiking the trails of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.
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