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We are a diverse group. But the truth is, we all need this.

If you want to recover, feel great, and get your body to work better for longer - you belong here.

It will make everything else in your life better.

Dancers, Athletes and Active People

You rely on your body working right for best performance and injury avoidance. Attending our Body Works Right classes will improve your posture, form, and function so that you can go faster, harder, and longer with more skill, greater ease, and less injury. You'll find yourself drawn to the more active mobilization topics, but trust us, you need the more gentle stuff too for best results, especially for longevity. (Unless you're looking to burn out?)

Busy Parents 

Just trying to keep up with kids, work, and life? Our Body Works Right classes will be a wonderful respite from the hectic routine you face daily. You need this time for yourself so you can be at your best. Make sure you set aside class time to be uninterrupted (tie them to their beds and put in your noise-cancelling ear-buds?). Seriously, though, set aside the time so you can come back relaxed and ready to dial down the drama. Oh, and you'll also have more ability to keep going because you aren't hurting and aching as much too. It's a win for everyone. What are you waiting for, permission? We know you deserve this and they need you to have it. 

Older Adults Who Still Feel Young

You want to make sure life is more satisfying and fulfilling than ever, full of family, friends, and memories. You also want to enjoy hobbies and travel. Our Body Works Right classes will keep you in top shape - easing the aches and pains, heading off surgery, and making sure everyone is amazed at how you just keep going. Why suffer through and push on when you can do something to feel a whole lot better? We'd love to have you. You just might be our favorite!

The Strong Male 

You just might need our Body Works Right classes most of all. Because you're the one most likely to be keeping strong and breaking down quietly. You're also the one most likely to not be noticing or admitting it. Come, join us. We'll help you improve how everything is working, avoid the need for surgery or other procedures, keep you going strong, and even enjoy it all more, whatever it is you love. Don't worry, you don't have to turn on your camera or speak up if you don't want to. You can enjoy community, too, your way. There is a difference between hard but brittle, and strength that is adaptable and resilient. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

Q. I already have a fitness routine and exercise regularly. How is this different?

A. This is definitely NOT your typical fitness or yoga class. But it will get you fit for either. The biggest problem your body has is all the areas you don't know aren't moving. Let's fix that!

Q. I'm not sure I can do this. I can't even do yoga. 

A.  If you've ever felt that you just can't do yoga or fitness because your body doesn't work that way, or some ache or pain is in the way - then our Body Works Right classes are exactly for you.

Q. I've never done a video call or online classes. It sounds more complicated than I want to deal with. 

A. Can you click a mouse or answer an email? If so, you can do this.

Q. Do I have to be on camera?

A. Nope. Turn your camera on or off as you like. The important thing is that you show up and get the help you need.

Be More resilient to Sickness!

Fend off the negative consequences of staying home for 2, 3, or even 6 months. Isolation, stress, and uncertainty can wreak havoc with the immune system. Movement, connection, and tuning out the daily stress are essential to staying healthy and feeling good during all stages and craziness life might try to throw at us.  

Improve how you move and feel!

Get each week off to a great start with either a Monday morning or Monday evening class. Set aside an hour to give your body the care and maintenance it needs to feel its best. We guarantee you are going to want more. Once you start moving and feeling well, you will never want to stop. 

Be accountable in your own care!

You know you do better when someone is expecting you to show up. This isn't recorded video where no one knows if you got off the couch and did anything or not. Sign up and make the commitment. We'll help you stay accountable.

What Others Are Saying


I wanted to enhance my health and increase my self treatment confidence, helping myself be able to move more freely and walk without pain. Those goals were met!  It's been a valuable tool in my self care box! That's led to a new goal of a life of healthy movement.




I wanted to learn and discover more tools to help me at home. This course gave me those tools not only to use at home but in everyday life. I have confidence in resolving pain and feel that I have some control now and power. This is very healing for me. My anxiety is less and I know way to relieve pain on my own.




I finally narrowed down a few self-treatment options for a routine! Until now I have been VERY overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for self care and it was stressful. I continue to be repeat the mantra of "Be curious and compassionate". 


Professional Pianist

Body Works Right  Online Class Topics

Topics vary by week and will give you experience in the following areas:

Your BFF The Ball

Meet your new best friend! Portable, adaptable, and supports you where you need it.

Not Your Yoga Stretching

Forget poses you can't do. This is the stretching your body craves!

Foam Rollers the Right Way

 Intimidated by foam rollers? Use it right and you'll love it!

Mobilization- Let's Get Things Moving 

The biggest problem your body has is all the areas you don't know aren't moving. Let's fix that!

Head, Neck & Shoulders Above The Rest

 End the hunch, the stoop, and the head, neck, or shoulder pains

Low Back In Balance 

Get your low back (and pelvis) in balance. Your entire body will thank you!

Namaste At Home 

For the yogi and non-yogi alike. Your best results are found here. Consciousness techniques for turning your healing on full. 

Vital for everyone still breathing!

Check out the Schedule first

Your Body Works Right Class Times

Are you a morning person who likes that extra nudge to get your day going?

Or do you prefer some help winding down at night?

Either way, we are here to help you get your week off to a great start!

Monday 10am - 60 min class

Monday 7pm - 60 min class

Items to have close by for use during class

Blanket that can be rolled up or folded

4" inflatable ball (or 1-2 pairs of rolled up socks)


36" foam roller

Yoga mat

The best part?

You can join us for FREE!

We believe life is meant to be enjoyed! For far too long, "sick care" and "pain management" have been accepted as the norm. Many people accept far less

than what their body is truly meant to experience. 

We are here to change that.

Our vision is to be the place in the Greater Salt Lake Valley that changes people's approach to health, helping people reclaim the potential of the the human body through movement and repair, creating a world where people live with less pain, less fear, and more joy. 

This is our way of giving you a way to get started. We will be here, every Monday morning and evening (except holidays), to help all who care to join us, learn how to move better and feel great.

No credit card needed, just an active registration

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Try it! We'll walk you through the online setup!

Your membership is FREE

Step 2: Tell your friends! You want them to feel great too, right?

Invite. Share. Learn together.

Step 3: Make it a habit to move well and FEEL GREAT!

Record your progress. Get down on the floor and play. Enjoy life!

Step 4: Share your story

Everyone loves a story. Yours is going to be AMAZING!

Get Started now!

Hi, my name is 
Michael Sudbury

This is normally where motivational and inspirational words would go. If you've made it here and haven't gotten started, I don't have any words to convince you. But I do have a question. How long are you going to let something get in the way of feeling great?

See you soon! 

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