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    I have suffered with a very stiff back and sensitive S.I. joint for over 30 years. I had almost given up on finding a solution to constant back strains and sprains when playing golf. After seeing Michael for just two weeks I felt much better and 100% more flexible. I was able to drive to Phoenix and play golf for 5 days in a row, and even scored the lowest round of my life. I am now only seeing him once a week and have maintained my flexibility and pain-free active lifestyle. I have been so impressed with the genuine concern Michael has shown. He has not only taken the time to fully explain the differences and benefits of Myofascial release, but he has gone the extra mile in teaching my wife how to effectively help me maintain flexibility through a home program. Thanks a million Michael!
    Brent 50's, Salt Lake City, UT

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    I sought you out because I went to someone who practices something similar in Oregon and it worked. I had a knee replacement and was in great distress and pain and I found you and came as soon as I was able.

    This technique is unbelievable, and so I went happily spending the money for something that would work.

    Here is this great technique, you take no drugs and the amount of money you spend is a lot less than sometimes a lot of prescriptions, and the ability to heal, rather than mask, issues is tremendous. So this is a very small amount of money spent for physical gain.

    I could go to a chiropractor over and over and over again for an issue that you could actually clear up, whereas a chiropractor doesn't actually clear it up.

    Easing the muscles and getting them, and my body, supple again…it's amazing, it works.

    The knee replacement was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. You've lowered the swelling, the heat, and the inflammation and you're giving me more movement than I had been getting in physical therapy, so I get more bang for the buck and the time invested.

    We've worked on some other things too…my neck, my back, and we’re going to work on my bad wrist… I'm in for an overhaul.

    I never miss out on things, I power through it. But the difference is, it's nice to not have to power through it, it's nice to have it feel good when I do activity. I was always beat up...Now I'm feeling good doing it. Big difference.

    I’d tried massage, chiropractic, saunas, hot tubs, ice, heat, stretching classes, exercise classes, yoga, acupuncture...lots of things. Some helped a bit, for a day or two, some for a week or two, but the issues always come back. MFR is the first thing that has worked on a long term basis.

    I think this is the best way to spend my money. I'd rather spend it on this than on drugs to mask the issues.

    You need to try it, give it a shot, it's worth every penny and your body will thank you.

    After falling (while skiing) lower back (right SI area) onto a rock and being in spasm. Two treatments:

    WOW!!!! Michael, Thank You!! I skied hard today and kept up with everyone with no problem. My ass is turning rainbow colors of blue & green, but it hasn’t slowed me down at all. My leg is lifting , my body turning and I felt GREAT today. You are amazing, Thank you, again.
    Marlynne 60's, Salt Lake City, UT

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    [Mfr] was one of the best things I've chosen to do for myself.
    I was feeling limited in what my body was capable of doing when I was going to dance class.
    My posture… especially in dance, I would see this “C” curve.
    I was out of ideas for what to do by myself… my dance instructor told me I should try myofascial release. It has made a huge difference.
    And oh yeah, I used to have headaches every single day! I would get nauseated and was throwing up almost every single morning, just feeling yucky all the time. That doesn't happen anymore. That used to be my regular, every day.
    I was missing out on all of it, because I was so tired, because I just didn't feel good, I didn’t get to do as many of the things with my family or with my friends that I would want to do.

    I grew up with chiropractic, and that was good, but for me, myofascial release is cumulative – each treatment builds upon the last.

    I hadn't tried really very much, honestly. I didn't do much self care, I just kind of thought this is my body, this is what it does, this is just sort of what I'm stuck with – and that's not true. I've learned that big time, it's not true. There's so much more that can be done.
    Jenny 40's, Salt Lake City, UT

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