How to Heal Your Back Without Drugs, Injections, Or Surgery

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"Stop Back Pain From Stopping You: 7 Quick, Easy Ways To End Chronic Low Back Pain Without Drugs, Injections, Or Surgery...

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Have you...

  • Been getting stiff or stiffer?
  • Dealt with frequent or constant achiness (for more than 6 weeks?)
  • Found it increasingly difficult to put on shoes or to look behind yourself without having to turn all the way around?
  • Considered (or gotten) injections?
  • Wondered if you need surgery?
  • Given up your favorite activities, suffered through them, or “paid for them” after?
  • Tried massage, PT, chiropractic, yoga, exercise, acupuncture, dieting, or all of the above?
  • Tried resting – which takes too long – and only helps for a bit, if at all?
  • Lost days of being productive every time your back “flares up?”
  • Been told by the doctors there is nothing good to be done?

Do you...

  • Worry about reaching or twisting that will throw your back into painful spasms?
  • Have to “un-stiffen” and “un-stoop” every time you get out of bed or up from sitting?
  • Have sharp pains and weakness in your back?
  • Think about whether you can get something (or yourself) off the floor?
  • Worry you won’t be able to take care of loved ones? Or that you’ll be a burden to them?
  • Hate the thought that this is just what you have to deal with?

Are you...

  • Still looking for a way out of back pain?

Here at Release Works Myofascial Therapy clinic in Salt Lake, we’ve been helping people exactly like you to not only get out of back pain, weakness, and stiffness, but to heal the underlying causes. We help people avoid surgeries, or recover from them, get off of pain meds, and recover a level of strength and mobility they thought was long gone.

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Even if it’s been years, and you’ve tried everything – including exercise, massage, and yoga – only to remain suffering with a bad back, there is a reason why you’re still hurting. (No, it’s not genetics…)

I’m talking about the underlying problem that everybody missed – or didn’t know how to help.

And when you address this problem, not only does your back stop hurting, but you also improve the alignment, function, and health of all the joints in your body.

  • This solution I’m talking about is not just pain relief. (Nice if that’s all you can get, but what about strength, mobility, and just plain being able to do things?)
  • It’s also not exercises that you can’t do, don’t help, or make it worse.
  • And we’re doing one better than getting people strong backs, that don’t hurt, but are actually just good at compensating for the now-buried issues… (these backs may feel good, but are just waiting to “go out” with one wrong move.)

You’ve probably been well trained to see the different body parts, and ways they hurt, as separate things. Back pain is unrelated to knee pain, headaches, or what have you… But it’s simply not true. In fact, it’s absurdly, ridiculously not true, when you see it.

Everything happening in the body is affected by everything else.

Your body is an intricately woven and balanced structure that allows for movement, stability, and compensation for problems. The only way your “back pain” is unrelated to, say, your knee pain, is on a diagram.

Imagine This...

How is your spine (and back) going to fare when it’s sitting on a twisted, imbalanced pelvis?

How about your neck on top of that?

Then there are the shoulders now having to move on a twisted, pulled forward base. They run into impingement problems as the ribs get crammed against the collarbone, trapping the nerves that run through the narrowed space.

And of course, underlying every misaligned and imbalanced pelvis is a pair of stiffened and twisted ankles. They go together every time. It’s true you need to balance the pelvis, but if the feet stay troubled they’ll throw the gait off again. And the combination of the two leads to knee problems. Hips suffer here too.

Organs, nerves, blood vessels… These are all subject to twisting, pulling, hardening, and squeezing as they sit within the various other distorted structures.

Decades of anatomy pictures (with the connective tissues cut away) – and doctors focused narrowly on symptoms – have caused everyone to miss the forest for the trees!

None of these problems show up on standardized imaging and tests. X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, blood work, and so on… None of them can detect the underlying issue. They’re looking with the wrong focus.

Is this sounding a little nuts?

Okay, tell me then, where does your “front” end and your “back” begin?

Go ahead… I’ll wait...

Did you have to draw a line? An imaginary line?

It’s like thinking the weather and the landscape is different and unrelated just because you crossed from Utah into Arizona. My point? The boundary is made up. And it’s the same in the body.

Yes, there are organs, and bundles of muscle fibers, and so on… But all of those are woven through with a completely continuous, ever-present web of tissue fibers that shapes, separates, and supports ...everything. From the large to inside-the-cell small.

Until you recognize and deal with problems that happen on this level, the myofascial connective tissue level, you’re just treating the hot spots. You’ll spend years merely chasing symptoms around, doing your best to compensate and cope.

Yes, your back hurts. We get that. But have you considered what else might be involved in your back pain?

Here at Release Works, we’ve helped many people out of back pain. Old or young, post-surgery or looking to avoid it, whether it’s due to injury, breakdown, or scoliosis, the main thing all these people have in common is that nothing else worked and they’d been suffering for years.

Just Like You? They Were Dealing With...

  • Stiffness
  • Aches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Restless legs
  • Pain in the hips and down the legs
  • Sciatica
  • Struggling to keep active
  • Uncomfortable sitting or driving
  • Even weakness, instability, and significant sharp pain in the low back

Every single one of them were dealing with unrecognized myofascial restrictions throughout their bodies, leading to weakness, pain, and breakdown in their backs. (And a host of other, “unrelated” issues too that they hadn’t even considered when it came to their backs…)

What Other “Unrelated” Issues Might I Be Experiencing?

Every single one of them were dealing with unrecognized myofascial restrictions throughout their bodies, leading to weakness, pain, and breakdown in their backs. (And a host of other, “unrelated” issues too that they hadn’t even considered when it came to their backs…)

  • Headaches
  • Limited flexibility/mobility
  • Difficulty squatting all the way down with your heels still on the floor
  • Neck or Shoulder Pain
  • Numb/Tingling Arm or Hand
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • TMJ Jaw Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Hip Impingement
  • Need for a Hip Replacement
  • Or the same with Knees
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Collapsing arches
  • Sciatica
  • Restless Legs
  • Swollen Legs
  • Varicose & Spider Veins
  • Abdominal Issues
  • Hernias (Hiatal, Umbilical, Others…)
  • Acid Reflux
  • Arthritis

How We Help

We look at the whole body. We know the spot that hurts is the result of everything else going on in your body. Past injuries, long time postures, habits, stress, surgeries, childbirth incidents, that bump you took on the stairs… All of these lead to an ever growing and thickening web of myofascial restrictions that wreak havoc on your balance, alignment, and movement.

Sooner or later, something’s breaking down. Something, somewhere in your body is going to start complaining because it’s under too much stress. And then you end up with “low back pain.”

While everyone else is treating the spot that hurts, or is breaking down, we treat the cause.

If you’ve had this idea before, (it’s usually something in the form of: This trigger point refers to that pain, or this pain is because of that weakened muscle…) then you’re still being misled. These approaches are linear, trying to find a single cause for a much more complex system.

Consider the weather… There’s no one condition that causes it to rain on a Tuesday.

The reality is more fluid, complex, and shifting.

Or picture a huge, tangled, and knotted mess of string. Can you point to the one loop that is the cause of it all?

The body, and where it hurts, is the result of many upon many big and little restrictions that you have built up over the course of your lifetime.

We untangle that mess. We release those restrictions. This reverses much of the effect that years of injury and stress have had upon your body.

And in the course of doing this, we get you out of that back pain.

And neck pain.

And abdominal trouble.

And hip or knee breakdowns.

Can I just leave an etc. here?

Can you start to see now why exercise, strengthening and rubbing aren’t enough?

And drugs? They only mask the symptoms. With side effects.

Surgery just focuses on the breakdown spot. (And leads to complications too.)

Meet Some of the People We’ve Helped

  • Name
    Brent (50s), had been getting progressively tighter and stiffer over the past decade, just like his father had, when he reached out to us. He was experiencing pain in his low back and SI joints area. He was still able to play golf without much pain, but was achy and sore in a bad way for a few days afterwards. It was slowing him down, and of course his boy was now beating him at his own game.

    He walked in to the clinic and announced he was a skeptic, but willing to give it a shot.

    It wasn’t long before he was amazed. He was feeling things change and loosen that he hadn’t been aware needed it (mostly his hips and chest) – and the pains in his back and legs were starting to fade. He started to realize he wasn’t doomed to the same experience as his father. When he was able to play a full 18 rounds, with no pain the next day, he was so pleased. But the bonus was that he trounced his son that game too, hitting the ball further and straighter than he’d been able to before.
  • Name
    Tiffany (30’s), was suffering from low back and pelvic instability. This means weakness and constant aching in her low back and hips with sudden and severe, sharp pains with certain movements (like sneezing.) She’d been dealing with this torture for 8 years. As she’s trying to be a mom.

    It started with jumping into a body of water while on vacation. Something got shifted in her pelvis and she’d been in pain every day since. Of course she’d gone to doctors, tried massage, PT, and chiropractic. Nothing helped for more than a day or two, if that.

    We treated her and focused first on the restrictions that were pulling her pelvis into a twist and putting excessive stress on her low back. She didn’t notice immediate improvement in her pain but before long there was enough room for her pelvis to start stabilizing. She began having days with less pain.

    Tiffany was diligent with her self-treatment that we’d shown her but she came in every other visit feeling frustrated that she wasn’t getting better faster. We’d remind her that her headaches were improving, and her back was starting to feel better, after eight years of hell.

    One of the milestones that made a difference for her was when she came in and told us she’d helped her sister with some housework… and not had to “pay for it” the next day! She started to have more confidence as her body got stronger and more stable. She has almost no problem with her back now – It’s fantastic to see her get back to a life she’s enjoying.
  • Name
    Dean (40s), has had a rough time. Multiple injuries to his ribs and low back, multiple hernias, surgeries to repair, and even a surgery to move the nerve “causing” the pain. He has been placed on permanent disability and when I met him, he could hardly walk. Every step was painful, but he wasn’t giving up.

    When he first got treated, his hips and back were so glued together there was no room for any joint anywhere in his pelvis, hips, or back to move well and feel good. Everything was scrunched up and cemented in place. It’s taken a while, but he’s seen gradual ongoing improvement. His back can move much better, his hips have some mobility, and there are days he actually feels good.

    He’s enjoying being able to be active and do things, even though it doesn’t come with no pain, yet.
  • Name
    Kristal (20s) was already trapped when she found us, her back tightening in pain. She’d been seeing chiropractors and physical therapists since 12 and 15 years of age with only a little bit of temporary relief. She’d given up on being athletic and could hardly be all that active even. Now she was sitting at a desk, trying to be productive but getting even more hunched as her head and back ached.

    I remember she couldn’t even begin to arch her spine backwards her spine and ribs were so rigid. She had no clue how that was supposed to work in her body and couldn’t feel the movement at all. (There wasn’t any…)

    She was pretty excited coming in one day to show how something had shifted, almost unlocked, and she could get her back arching a little bit.

    Kristal has been in less and less back pain, with greatly reduced headaches. She also had a bit of a scare over a cyst putting lots of pressure into her abdomen – these things can be pretty dangerous. Once she felt it reduce and shrink as we treated the area, however, she had no more concern. She was right – medical tests showed we’d helped the cyst to completely disappear.

    Kristal is now a big fan of ours as she’s had her headaches and back pain greatly reduced, and she’s back to running and being active. Her life is looking much brighter.
  • Name
    Michael (40s) When I first got going as a therapist, I thought I had no real issues. Luckily for me, I started finding them. For a few years, the only signal I noticed of my back trouble was how my low back would ache every time I drove for more than half an hour. Once I had some myofascial release treatment affect my low back, though, I found out I had some problems.

    My low back started getting stiff one day as I was teaching a class. I tried to stretch and move it, but it got worse and worse. By the end of the class, I could barely walk. It was torture to put any weight on my right leg. Everything felt weak and painful in my low back. So I hobbled out to my car.

    I went home and all I could do was cancel my appointments and lie down on the floor. I was freaking out. I mean, nothing had happened. If there had been an injury I would have just expected I needed some time to heal, but nothing had happened… I’d just been treated with myofascial release a few days before.

    Turns out, my sacrum and pelvis were starting to realign (a good thing), but I didn’t know that at the time.

    It took a day and a half. I’d lie on the floor and feel a little better, get up and then sit and start feeling worse again. I gradually noticed the pattern and started to realize my sacrum (tailbone) was shifting around every time – better on the floor, worse when I sat. Somehow, I managed to stabilize enough that I didn’t have that terrible weakness and sharp pain.

    But I wasn’t done, oh no…

    I spent years in a pattern of 3 or 4 tough, achy weeks, and one or two decent weeks only to go back to bad. Bad meant that I ached and was stiff, spending all my free time trying to help my back feel better. It was always harder to move in the morning, after sleeping.

    Gradually I learned… I learned beds, couches, and just about any kind of sitting would send me backwards. But all those days of feeling stuck, achy, and stiff taught me how to start fixing what actually needed help. I learned to not waste my time stretching the stiff area, or trying to improve flexibility. Instead I learned to help my low spine get enough room that it could correct its alignment. Bit by bit, I got better and better.

    After this odyssey, I know what it’s like, the pain, the weakness and limitation. I wish I’d had a therapist like me to help me through it… but then I wouldn’t be a therapist like me.

    I’m also far better off than I would have been physically. I might not have ever dealt with those low back issues, but a misaligned pelvis would have been causing worse and worse breakdowns over the years. Now, instead of breaking down, I’ve improved and continue to improve most things, like my wrists, shoulders, neck, headaches, knees, feet, balance, strength, and just plain my ability to be comfortable in any given situation.

Who Should Come and See Us?

You should come and see us if you:

  • Are in Crisis
  • Are limited in doing things you want to do or need to do
  • Have tried the Linear, Protocol-based approaches and realize that even if they help, they are not enough
  • Have tried everything

And you should come and see us if you want any of the following:

  • Best Possible Health
  • To Reduce Chances of Problems (heart attacks, strokes, etc...)
  • To Limit or Eliminate Reliance on Drugs & Painkillers
  • To Avoid or Reduce Old Age Breakdown
  • To Improve How You Feel
  • To Feel Great or Keep Feeling Great
  • To Perform at Your Physical Best
  • To Ensure You Can Continue to Take Care of Loved Ones
  • To Lose the Fear of What Your Body is Doing

MFR is the Repair & Recovery you need in order to Feel Good & Function Well.

And it’s the Maintenance & Care that will help you Feel Your Best & Reduce Chances of Breakdowns & Failures.

Who Should NOT Come and See Us?

You should NOT come and see us if you:

  • Are still hoping for a "quick fix"
  • Think Healing means Pain goes away and Life goes back to same as always (turns out pain requires something to change (for the better).
  • Think drugs and surgery are great (or preferred choices)
  • Think surgery is a simple fix, even if it's less desirable
  • Think we take pain away - or treat pain at all. (We treat the underlying causes, pain heals as a result…)
  • Are not willing to consider that pain or trouble is a result of problems elsewhere in the body

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"7 Quick, Easy Ways To End Chronic Low Back Pain Without Drugs, Injections, Or Surgery...

...Even if you have suffered for years, learn simple yet powerful strategies to ease back pain and get your life back!”

Yours Free From Specialist Myofascial Release Therapist, Michael Sudbury

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