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Anatomy of a Headache (Part 2)

Headache / Migraine

Now that you have a bit more understanding of what is likely causing your headaches and migraines (See “Anatomy of a Headache, Part 1”), let’s take a look at what it will take to fully resolve what is causing your symptoms. It isn’t a complicated process to get the body moving and working well, but the way in which you do things does matter, especially when it comes to resolving headaches and migraines.

Addressing restrictions and misalignments in the body that are causing difficulty is a 3 part process that will zig zag back and forth as your body responds and changes. Your Recovery Program will involve:

Re-setting the Autonomic Nervous System

  • This is commonly known as getting out of fight or flight
  • We often need to disarm the (subconscious) protective bracing system keeping you stuck
  • Doing so sets up the body to allow treatment and change
  • This can include mindfulness, breathwork, awareness, dialoguing, gentle manual therapy
  • Re-setting the autonomic nervous system may be the longest or most visited phase

Restoring the Fluidity and Plasticity of the Connective Tissue System

  • Soft tissue (especially at rest) should be just that, soft. Areas that are troubled and causing problems are often described as restricted, knotted, tight, stuck, glued, adhered, thick, or hard
  • Gentle, sustained pressure into areas of restriction allows the connective tissue system to return to a fluid and pliable state
  • At a minimum, resolution requires addressing tissues surrounding and pulling into areas of immediate pain and difficulty (for headaches and migraines this would include the head, including cranial and facial structures, neck, and shoulders)
  • We may also need to address restricted tissue pulling from other areas including and affecting the entirety of the spinal column, ribcage, diaphragm, abdomen, pelvic alignment, hips, legs, knees, feet, and ankles

Retraining Movement and Strength in a More Proper Alignment

  • This is important as the body relearns how to move in improved alignment
  • Exercise and strength training become more effective when you are not working against restrictions and misalignments
  • Includes corrective exercises and posture adaptation
  • May have back and forth as layers of restrictions and habits are worked through
  • It is not uncommon to work through phases of feeling like your body is in chaos or experiencing periods of weakness

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Vanetta Servoss

Vanetta Servoss

Specialist Myofascial Release Therapist Vanetta loves her work as a myofascial release therapist! She was introduced to myofascial release as a client struggling with debilitating headaches, dizziness, pain, and muscle tension. Traditional medicine did little to provide relief, and it wasn't until she began seeing a mfr therapist that she started seeing change. She knows first hand how it feels to be trapped in pain with little hope for recovery. Or to be given a diagnostic label like fibromyalgia with little recourse other than dependence on prescription medications. She no longer believes those are the only options available to those struggling with pain or loss of mobility, and credits mfr with helping her get her life back. She considers it a privilege to assist others in their journey. Vanetta's formal education includes an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and a Master's degree in Health Promotion from Mississippi State University. She is also a licensed massage therapist and has trained extensively in the John Barnes' Myofascial Release approach. Vanetta loves to travel and explore other places. She now enjoys that active lifestyle she once thought was no longer possible, and can frequently be found outside enjoying the sunshine and hiking the trails of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.
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