Michael Sudbury, LMT

Specialist Myofascial Release Therapist

Michael has been in pursuit of uncommon wisdom practically since the day he was born. This has led him through many twists and turns, questioning philosophies and excelling in school only to drop out near the end, abandoning career paths. He has a scientific mind but has come to understand that life and love require artistry, not facts, figures, and protocols.

Over ten years ago, Michael happened upon myofascial release and was hooked instantly. Here, finally, was a practice that recognized the wholeness of a person, required the utmost integrity and courage to be a therapist, and led to profound healing for those who dared go deep!

In his pursuit of true therapeutic artistry, Michael has trained extensively with the creator of the Myofascial Release Approach®, John Barnes, PT (a therapist and teacher of the highest caliber) and has been an assistant instructor in his seminars.

When not helping people out of the pains that have frustrated and limited them for years, he is driven just a little bit crazy by three wonderful kids.